Stay Focused!

A warning was set out in Hebrews 12:1-2; unlike Peter, we will not ask if it is for the disciples alone or for other people. The Lord is expressly speaking to His children. Those that have declared for Him and say it is Him they will serve.

Verse 2 of that chapter says "looking unto". This means looking away from something to see something else. An undivided attention, looking away from all distractions in order to fix one's gaze on an object. Having eyes for no one but Jesus Christ ALONE! Unfortunately, so many having roving eyes. 

You want the gifts of Christ but not His Person, we know most of the Scriptures about getting and receiving from the Master, but we neglect to know how He wants us to live on a daily basis. Just like the man Jesus told to follow Him. The man replied no problem, but let me go and bury my father and mother first; the other said let me go and say goodbye to those in my house first. The Lord declared 'any man who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God.' Why? When you are with the Master, you cannot have a divided attention. We must focus solely on Him!

The reason we will find in Luke 11:34-35. It says having a single eye devoid of distraction, focused on Him, the Light of the world. Once this is done we will be filled with light, if not, our whole body will be filled with darkness. It then follows that a man that has a roving eye - an eye that is not fixed (distracted by anything and everything), that man is filled with darkness. 

If you can brazenly go against His commands, watch it, the light in you is actually darkness! Check and examine yourself daily to make sure that the light you carry is not darkness but the true light of God that shines brighter and brighter till The Day He comes for us.


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