Don't Quit!

Are you fed up and thinking of quitting? Maybe your boss, lecturer, spouse, children, friends etc look as if they have a mission to just make life unbearable for you? You have tried everything but nothing seemed to be working? You wonder sometimes about this life and how you just might make it. My friend, don't quit. God has not giving up on you why are you giving up on yourself? The plan of God for us is to give us an abundant life. And we know His plans for us are good and not evil to bring us to an expected end. He declared He will bless you and you will be a blessing to your generation and the ones to come if He tarries. It is not the desire of God to see us live below the standard He wants for us spiritually and physically. Why then are you looking at the winds and thinking of quitting?

In Genesis 26:12-25, Isaac planted in a land ravaged by famine and he reaped a hundred fold. Why? Because God blessed him! He heeded God 's voice not to quit despite the situation of the land, he remained and saw the awesome power of God. Isaac became so wealthy that his neighbours the Philistines became very envious of him and they wanted him out of their land. You might say 'well, I'm not wealthy, at least not by the standard of the world'. I want you to know that there is something you carry on the inside that is rare and priceless. The devil desires to have it. The 'little' space you occupy in that big/small Organisation, school, home, neighbourhood etc, he wants it. He knows that if he leaves you with it you will use it to wreak harvoc in his kingdom.

In that account, every advancement that Isaac made, the Philistines found a way to pour earth on it. Have you wonderd why men hate you for no just cause? The good you did, they succeeded in trivialising it? After sweating over an assignment, someone else comes to take the credit and you are not even mentioned or appreciated. When you ask some of them why they go to great lenghts to hate or disrespect you, they will answer they do not know, they just can't help themselves but to hate you. For no just cause, you have been denied promotions, positions, admissions, accommodation, jobs, gifts etc that are rightfully yours because someone just did not like your face.

Friend, Rejoice! It simply means the devil is after that priceless thing you carry on the inside (Jesus Christ). He knows, the only way you can relinquish it is if you shift ground and come to his side through impatience, anger, frustration, bitterness, lack, hunger, deprivation. Dont Quit! Just like the servants of Isaac, keep digging. Continue in your sincere love and devotion for Jesus Christ no matter what the devil throws at you. The Bible says they kept digging wells. If they quarrel or fight them over the well they had dug, they move and dig another until they finally dug a well and there was no quarrel or contention over it. One would wonder, why did the Philistines not go and dig their own wells? After all, it was a valley with plenty of room for everyone to dig. You can see that they were not after the wells, they were after the man Isaac. But Isaac knew Who he carried and the Philistines could not make him give God up!
Continue in your following and love for Jesus Christ, He will bring you to your open spaces (Rehoboth). He will make room for you and whether the enemy likes it or not you will be fruitful and prosperous in this generation.


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