The Pledge

The question: "Why did we not see you in Fellowship yesterday?" The reply: "Oh, my child was a bit husband/wife was in that mood again....the pressure at work...was it yesterday, oh dear forgot!"  Excuses! So many give excuses why they are not serving God as they should. The essence of God giving us our families, comfort and jobs is for us to serve Him better not to stop us from serving Him as He should be served. All the Lord demands from us is a sincere love and devotion to Him no matter the circumstances. This calls to mind pledges, the pledges that are made to country, to one another and many more. All pledges carry the promise to always love, defend, respect, honor and be devoted to the object of the pledge. Carrying out this pledge may be challenging sometimes, however, since it is engraved in the minds of the people they try to fulfill the pledge. This determination you will find espercially amongst the military of any country. There is an innate desire to defend their nation against any aggression whether local or foreign; it does not matter if they agree with the policies of the day or not, they must defend the Country.

As it is with the military, so God expects us to walk in total obedience with Him whether we agree or understand the reasons behind the instructions or not. As we obey, understanding is released to us. Do not wait to understand the commands before obeying them. Obey, then understanding comes. You might say that is ridiculous, how can you obey what you do not understand? This essentially goes against the teachings of the world that believes that one should understand a matter before carrying it out. When the Lord came into our lives and said 'follow Me', we had no idea how the journey was going to be, the route or the means of moving. We simply obeyed like Abraham. As we continue the walk, there is an increase in fellowship between us and Him.

The Bible says in Genesis 5:21-24 that Enoch walked with God for 300 years. This was a man with passions like you and I with all the challenges that comes with it. He had a wife and children. Despite this, he walked constantly with God. What this simply means according to 2 Corinthians 3:18, a constant walk with God through an open door, that was blocked by veils. Once the veil was taken away, he walked into the Light. Jesus told us that He is the Light of the world, he that walks with Him does not walk in darkness. Enoch continued - habitually to walk deeper into the light. He walked so deep he disappeared!! Wow!

He did not look back, despite the fact that he had a wife, sons and daughters. Infact as he walked deeper, he had sons and daughters. In Luke 9:62, the Bible tells us that anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looks back to the things behind is not fit - why? Looking back takes a man further away from the Light into darkness. Enoch never looked back. He had habitual and total devotion for God. His walk with the Lord yielded a strong friendship. His relationship was described by the Bible as habitual. It became habitual because he could not let go, and God would not let him go too. 

In 2 Corinthians 3:18, the Bible says we must strip ourselves of everything that hinders - continue habitually to behold His Word as a mirror. As we do this, we walk deeper into the Light. A transformation takes place. We are changed from the inside out: we find ourselves do things and say things that makes people marvel and wonder where and how we got such insights. This transformation is as a result of the constancy of the person with God. Enoch's constancy made him disappear in the Light. Friend, make a pledge today to walk with Him constantly and habitually till you disappear completely in Him. As we do this everything about us disappears all that remains is Him. Like Enoch, we must walk, keep walking until we become one with The Light - Jesus Christ. The grace and power to do this is released to you in Jesus Christ name.


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