Seek God!

Have you ever considered the story of the gazelle and the lion waking up each day to outdo one another because their survival depends on it?  If you do not make it a point of duty to seek God every day, be rest assured that the devil is seeking you. You may relent, get tired or quit totally from seeking God; but remember this, the enemy does not relent, does not get tired neither does he quit until his task is done. Thus, on a daily basis, we must make sure we outdo and outsmart the enemy by remaining uncompromisingly righteous. Friend, we must not wait for the devil to attack before seeking the Lord. Hebrews 4:16 tells us to approach God continually to grant us grace and mercy in our times of need. Since we do not know the time of need, it then follows that we have to present our needs before God on a daily basis. Psalm 5:12 says He blesses those that are in right standing with Him and He surrounds them with favor as with a shield. Therefore start each day with your armor in place and your marching orders in hand!


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