God’s Word Is Truth!

So many children of God are walking in half truths or outright lies concerning the word of God and they wonder why there are no changes in their circumstances. A man that walks on half truths about God is walking in a counterfeit spirit. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Truth any other is a lie. Jesus prayed a prayer for the disciples, that God the Father will purify them by His Truth because His Word is Truth. This Truth is God Himself. Jesus declared that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Please note the definite article ‘the’. Not ‘a’ or ‘some’ truth but THE TRUTH! When we walk in half truths of God’s word then we are walking in counterfeit and the word cannot work for us. The Truth of God is authentic, undiluted, undisputed and real. Whatever God says over any matter is the Truth no matter the seemingly convincing ‘facts’ on ground. No matter how one scrutinizes the Word, we can only confirm it because it cannot be disproved. Rather than His Word be made a lie, every long or short standing principle of men will be made false: Romans 3:3-4. He cannot allow His word to fail even if it remains a second to the end the Lord will mobilize the Heavens and the earth to uphold His word (Isaiah 46:9-11). It is a sorry sight when we see children of God try to disprove the word of God when it goes against their actions or thoughts especially in areas of business and divorce. When God speaks, He means it and will cause it to come to pass no matter what. The Truth, which is God’s word when it enters the life of a man, it arranges, organizes and effects changes to the targeted area without any physical or visible materials or means used. The word gets to where the problem is and fixes it, period! Please do understand that when the Lord sends His word it carries both the premises and the promise. One principle about the Truth of God’s word is that the promises cannot come to pass if the premises or conditions for them to do so are not met. So many want the promises but gamble or choose which premise or condition they would fulfill. Thus, when the word does not come to pass they blame God and blaspheme by saying His word is not true either verbally or through their actions. Friend, Scriptures cannot be broken, if we want the promises then we must fulfill the premises.  Another principle about the Truth of God’s word we can find in Deuteronomy 2:24 and 25. When God sends His word of promises, we are to walk INTO them. We have a part to play, and only when we stand up to play our part, we see the Lord show up. When the children of Israel were to start possessing the land of Canaan, He told them to “begin” to possess it. This required them to go into battles and prayers. For as many of the tribes that walked in this diligently got their allocation intact. Those that did not had the local tribes continue to live with them to their peril. When God tells us to “begin”, God is simply saying it is time to enter into prayers and physical confrontation with the problem. This must initiate a response in us to begin to obey the instructions attached to the promises. Once we “begin”, the Lord then goes on to verse 25, and starts to act on our behalf. It must be noted that verse 25 could only happen when verse 24 had begun. Our God wants us to obey His instructions and be within limits of the conditions that He has set for the promises (blessings) to come to pass in our lives. The grace to do this is released unto you in Jesus Name.


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