Preaching It and Living It!

Do you know that when the Lord gives you a word to share the first thing He wants you to do is receive it in, eat it and when you are ready, give it out? Only then will it flow out like springs of living water from your belly. When one doesn’t eat and assimilate the message first, the waters that flow from such is dead and the people become milk babies and powerless children of God. In Ezekiel 3:1-4 we see the Lord tell Ezekiel to eat the scroll that He was giving him and then go and speak to the people of Israel. The Bible says he ate it and it filled his stomach. If we look at the scripture again especially from chapter 2 verse 8, the instruction to eat the scroll came twice. It probably did not taste nice and he might have decided to abandon it. However, he ate it and testified that it tasted like honey in his mouth. Only after this was he able to go and preach the message to the people. The mandate of God to Ezekiel was to speak the words to them whether they listen or not, but he must first assimilate the things the Lord is saying. When we declare things from the pulpit (incidentally, every area of our lives is a pulpit) that we don’t believe in then we are in danger of the wrath of God according to Romans 2:3. If indeed, you are the called of God: called to preach, disciple and teach men according to Matthew 28:18-20, do you practice the things you espouse? Romans 2:17-24 reminds us that everything we preach and teach others not to do, do we do them? The Bible says on account of this, the Gentiles blaspheme the name of the Lord. Friend, we have mistaken God’s patience as approval for the wrong way we are living. We need to re-evaluate our lives and allow God’s word to straighten us. Since we have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we are called to live lives worthy of Him based on His principles and not the principles of men. We cannot join men that reason from their base nature no matter what their position is in the society. We must not allow ourselves to be taken over by vain and deceptive philosophies that have made their proponents worthless thereby making their hearers worthless too. In Christ we have His fullness and He is the Head over every power and authority. Unfortunately today, so many have lost connection with the Head, who is Christ. No wonder men preach one thing and live another. Friend we have entered a time that only by their fruits we will indeed know who the sons of God are and not by their anointing. The situation and circumstances we find ourselves make so many see integrity and righteousness as being too spiritual. Even the people of the world are advising that it is not time to be spiritual but to draw defenses from ‘self’. ‘Self’ we know profits no man; all that would be found in ‘self’ is darkness and gloom. It is time to live exactly what we preach so that we will not be swept away by the flood of dissipation and hypocrisy from hell. The grace to stand your ground in Christ no matter what is released to you in Jesus Christ Name. God bless you.


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