Indeed Called!

Several people are disillusioned with their walk with the Lord. They believe He does not answer their prayers no matter how much effort they put in by praying, fasting and giving. After awhile they begin to question if God actually called them. Unfortunately, their local assemblies seem not to understand their plight, since they are born again they believe they should be alright. Someone once said that so many servants of God have changed the Scripture that says we should go and make disciples of men, what they are making are believers. Just get them ‘born again’; what they do thereafter is not much of their concern! When these new converts come into the fold they are unable to connect with the God they have been introduced to. The basic elementary teachings of God they are not taught yet they are made to handle units they are ill-equipped for whilst slowly decaying and dying on the inside. Those that remain try to play along for awhile whilst others return into the world worse off. If you are in such a situation please read this prayerfully and the Lord will expand it in you. In Esther 2:15, we saw the young virgin Esther humbly rely completely on Hegai’s the king’s eunuch’s suggestions. She understood that she cannot win the king’s approval if she doesn’t know what he likes. He taught her what the king desires; because she listened and obeyed the teachings she won the approval of the king and all that saw her. She had been earlier uprooted from everything familiar, she now has to operate in an environment where the customs, language, dressing, thinking is all different. The king’s eunuch like the Holy Spirit had been positioned to help these young virgins prepare for their one night with the king that will either lead them into an exalted position in the Palace or be kept in the harem – a holding area for those that would have been ‘queen’. This is exactly how we are when we come into the Kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit is positioned to teach us how to please and delight our Master. Jesus said in John 16:13a (TMSG): “But when the Friend comes, the Spirit of Truth, he will take you by the hand and guide you into all the truth there is…” The Bible says Esther relied completely on the advice of Hegai and she was chosen at the end of the day to be Queen. Friend, the reason for your disillusionment and unfulfilment in your service is not whether if God called you or not; He did, but you are yet to submit totally under His tutelage. In His class you cannot have your own agenda or principles: it is His way all the way! Have you not asked yourself “how can I please the King of kings when I don’t know what He loves.’? The Only One that can teach you is the One that had always being with Him from the very beginning and is still with Him. Spend time with Him and get to know Him, you will be pleasantly surprised. He is INDEED the friend that sticks closer than a brother. Desire to know Him and you will in Jesus Christ name because you are INDEED CALLED! God bless you.


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