Chase ME!

“Jesus…You mean more than this world to me. I wouldn't trade You for silver nor gold. I wouldn't trade You for riches untold. You mean more than this world to me.” This is part of a song we sing in worship of Jesus Christ. But how true are these words to us as we sing them? Does your heart truly pant for Him regardless of what is around you? Every where Jesus Christ went the crowds gathered to hear Him speak. They heard how He healed the sick, delivered those afflicted with demons and how He preached in a manner that was unlike the Scribes and the Pharisees. This Jesus was indeed worth seeing, thus they gathered to Him from all works of life, from every nook and cranny of Palestine with their sick in tow. If we were to compare what was happening then to our time, we would declare that Jesus was a very charismatic speaker that had power to attract large audiences everywhere He went. We would either assume or conclude that He was courting the crowds so they could keep coming back. On the contrary, from the Scriptures especially in Luke 6:19 and John 6:26; they kept coming back not for the words they heard Him speak but for the power that was coming from Him and He equally had the ability to make provisions for them from very little. ‘Yes! Such a man is worth ‘hearing’ indeed’ must have been their thought.  It is in this kind of situation that the Lord gave several teachings about the Kingdom. One of such was when He declared in Luke 6:46 – “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord’ and don’t do the things I say?” What this simply means is if you call Me the Possessor of your life, why do you not listen, adhere to and obey every word you hear Me say? Just like then, so many want the blessings of God but do not want the responsibilities of serving Him. Friend, this is the reason why so many do not see the transforming power of God in their lives. Can a tornado pass through a place and you will not see or feel the effect? It does not cost God anything to give you all the ‘freebies’, turn your water into wine, raise all dead areas in you to life and make stupendous provisions out of little less than nothing. All these and more He gladly does and gives to us. But the desire in His heart is for us to receive the Free Gift He came to earth to die for in order to give to us – which is His LIFE. He endured so much pain, sufferings and indignity so that you and I will not go through that route, ever! Just as it happened in John 6:26, and it is still happening in our time, people are searching for Christ as though they were interested in the message He is preaching, but the truth is their search for Him is actually driven by their stomachs. If someone was to ask you, why are you seeking the Lord Jesus Christ, what would be your honest answer? Don’t be like the crowds, all they could see was the Power exuding from Him.  There is more, much more in Christ. There is so much wealth in Him that cannot be accessed by a casual knowledge or relationship with Him. Friend, an out-of this world experience awaits you as you delve deeper in your knowledge of Him. Don’t chase and work for food that will perish here, but work for the food that lasts for eternity. Like the crowds, don’t go crossing rivers, seas in search of Jesus’ power when He is available and beside you every second of your life. Chase after Him and you will be pleasantly surprised. God bless you.


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