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Power From On High

A remarkable thing happened in the ministry of Christ that would have made many a pastor to question their abilities. In Acts 1:4-8, Christ had risen from the dead and for forty days, He stayed with the disciples teaching and encouraging them concerning what was to come. Just when He will be taken up into Heaven, He told His disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they are baptised by the Holy Spirit which will grant them power for the tasks ahead. Unfortunately, the disciples had miscontrued the reason for His coming and staying in the first instance. Their mindset was not intune with the Kingdom of God as they thought that the reason for His coming was political and to cause a revolution against the Roman oppressors at the time. They asked: "Lord, at this time are You restoring the kingdom to Israel?" (Acts 1:6). What a shocking statement. This would have made quite a few pastors to feel frustrated as if they had wasted the past three and a half years of ministry. This…

Sacrifice: A Culture of the Kingdom

In today's world the word sacrifice seems to have almost disappeared from our vocabulary and has almost become extinct in our way of life; this is more so amongst the children of the Kingdom. Today, where words like self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-optimization have all been coined into the way we define the quality and pattern of our service, sacrifice has been swept under the carpet. But how else can we best serve our God? At our convenience? That will simply not do. From the beginning of time God has shown that a lifestyle of sacrifice is an invaluable key to activating  His power in our lives as we saw in the lives of Abraham, David, Solomon, Cornelius the Centurion and many more: All affirm that the heart of God is moved whenever man goes out of his comfort zone to please Him.The lifestyle of sacrifice is the substance of our service as children of the Kingdom. Not a service done in comfort and convenience but a life of sacrifice offered out of love for our …

Prepare The Way Of The Lord!

When we carefully examine the Lord’s first visit to Israel almost 2000years ago, we see that despite all the signs and prophecies that had gone ahead of Him, many were still not prepared for His coming. Though Sabbath after Sabbath prophecies about Him were read out loud for people to hear, so that when He finally appeared they may all recognise Him and partake of His glory. Yet not even the family of the high priest or the religious elites where aware of His coming. They knew all the right scriptures, but there was an evident lack of preparation of the heart. Malachi 3:2 declares “but who may abide the day of His coming and who shall stand when he appeareth for He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers soap”.  John the Baptist, who was a forerunner, came to Israel with the cry of the Holy Spirit in Isaiah 40:3-7.  His message was simple and still relevant even in our day: “prepare the way of the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God”.        …

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Doors To The Kingdom

Don’t Be Silenced!

Behold, He comes quickly!!!