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…And This Shall Pass!

Reposition Your Mind

Humbly Walking Before God

Students of history will tell you that great empires and civilizations fell when the leaders succumbed to arrogance and abrogated their successes to their geniuses. In our times, scholars will tell you that one of the reasons most organizations fall today is because the leaders grew arrogant refused to learn and they lost touch with their humble beginnings. Same goes for human beings. When a person forgets that all he has and the position he’s in are not the cumulative result of his power and intellect, such is not far from a fall. It is even more tragic when the children of God become arrogant in their walk with the Lord. ‘How?’ You may ask. When we presume that because we know the Lord, all our decisions must be right before Him! Because of this spiritual blindness, they go into associations, relationships and alliances with people they ought not to, to their destruction. This attitude is not strange neither is it new. The children of Israel diversely fell into this error on numerou…

Brain Power is Failing