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God’s Love is Undeniable!

Hunger For More Of God!

A lot of inspirational books written by life coaches underline the fact that except one is hungry, success in life is unattainable. They argue that one has to continually want more and a person’s level of success is commensurate to his/her level of hunger. These great teachings have made most go single-mindedly into the market place to attain success and it is working too albeit to the peril of certain aspects of their lives. Friend, this same principle applies to us as children of God. If we desire to grow, know more of God and reign with Christ on the other side of eternity we must be hungry for more of Him. The reality is that if we do not hunger, we cannot be fed. For instance, you don’t give food to a child that is not hungry, such will waste it. One thing about the Almighty God is that He never wastes anything. Take a look at nature! Everything was created with a specific purpose, to fulfill a specific purpose, whether good or bad (Romans 9 and 2Timothy 2:20-21). However, …

Treasure Alert!

Learn To Know And Recognize His Voice For Yourself!

Priests…Time To Enter In

Priesthood…The Acceptable Way