Don't Compromise Your Stand

Anyone with children will know that these are dangerous times as everything from the cartoons to music, fashion and the likes are daily threatening to take control of their way of thinking. It is a constant battle as a good parent to be on the lookout for such influences. What was seen as wrong and evil several decades ago is now seen as normal. Behaviors that God-fearing societies will not condone before are seen as normal behavior now; when anyone tries to raise their voice and take a stand against such evil, the person is seen as intolerant, blind, ignorant and retrogressive. A situation when whole nations are cornered by the teachings of darkness and none in the nation is any wiser is frightening. Godly principles are over turned on a daily basis; laws are then enacted to support evil posturing; this calls for a lot of concern.  President Eisenhower, former president of the United States once said a people who value their privileges above their principles will soon lose both. In the process of having privileges that border on ungodliness, several principles are being jettisoned; no wonder there’s so much anarchy and confusion around! This terrible encroachment that has become cancerous in the psyche of people did not start now, but the enemy has been systematically pushing its agenda determinedly across racial, religious and class divides. Unfortunately, those that ought to know are blind to its moves. 
A man of God with great authority in one of the great denominations in the Body of Christ said recently that churches should re-examine their stance concerning some dissenting issues in order to accommodate the dissenting voices. According to him, the church must learn to tolerate these dissenting voices and seek out ways to assimilate them into the fold. The question I will humbly like to ask this great, learned and authoritative man of God is where in the Bible did the Lord say we should tolerate the practices of the world and seek out ways to assimilate them? No generation in the past has succeeded in changing the principles of God, why does this one think it can live and believe as it pleases and still get away with it. The God of the Bible is true and alive. He is the same yesterday, today and forever; and His word is immutable and forever settled in Heaven! Friends, it is common sense that when a person is sick, such should be treated and managed until he/she gets well; it is unnatural and wicked to make the person feel others are sick as well, thus, making get comfortable in his/her sickness without seeking help! If we claim to be followers of Christ then we must take the stand of Christ at all times. We never read that Christ in order to assimilate or tolerate the Pharisees, accepted their customs and traditions. Rather, He rebuked them by saying: “…why do you also transgress the commandment of God because of your tradition…Thus you have made the commandment of God of no effect by your tradition” (Matthew 15: 3b, 6b). When we seek to assimilate these dissenting voices and doctrines we make God's word of no effect! This generation has made unprecedented excuses for sins that God hates in which He destroyed whole civilizations for in the past. In their myopic minds, these compromising men of God believe they have the power to influence God to endorse these evil trends. Friends, if we truly claim to be followers of Christ, we must walk according to His pattern. The walk of Christ attracted thousands to Him. The walk you walk today is it attracting people or repelling them? The reason the world is attracting the sons of God today is because so many are walking contrary to the walk of Christ. They seek to tolerate the evil practices around them instead of standing their ground against it. Friends, we need to stand our ground against every appearance of evil and proclaim the undiluted truth of God even as we see the DAY draw ever closer (2Timothy 2:14-26). God bless you.


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