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Placebo Christian Life

A young man was cut down in his prime by a drunken driver. His death was painful, as he left a young wife and two little children. During his wake-keep, everyone declared how good, generous, loving and religious he was. The minister concluded his message by declaring that though he didn’t have much personal contact with the deceased, but from all the testimonies given, he strongly believes that the deceased had gone to be with the Lord! This conclusion is what is usually arrived at when a person passes on irrespective of how such lived. Most testimonies are barefaced lies as you see relations, neighbors and colleagues wince when such accolades are passed. Question…do the deceased make heaven based on the testimonies people gave about them? According to the principles of the world, one should not speak ill of the dead. Thus, on that day, they are all seen as saints on their merry way to Heaven. If only that were true!         There is a reason why the Bible tells us: “It is bette…

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