Believing Wife…Go Call Your Husband!

      When Jesus stopped by the well before entering the Samaritan village, He set a plan and a principle in motion. One question that pops into my mind when reading this encounter, just like the Disciples, is why He spoke to the woman. There were two curious issues at play in this story. Firstly, she was a woman and secondly she was a Samaritan. With this unscheduled stop, the Lord set in motion principles that have become stumbling blocks in the present Church. There are some in the Body of Christ that believe that the woman has no significant role to play in the Church and they back this up with the teaching of Paul in 1Timothy 2:11-16. Secondly, those that are racist in their service and worship, through their beliefs that one form of denomination is better and greater than others. In looking at these principles again especially the one that concerns the woman; some women have been completely silenced in the Church and have become doormats in their homes, on the other end (which is the focus of this discourse) some have become extreme feminists that believe that they can be, do and achieve all they are created to be without a man. While this is true, especially when one is unmarried, but once one is married and is a true Disciple of Christ the rule of the game changes! For instance, when Mary poured the jar of oil on the feet of the Master Jesus, He said concerning her that anywhere the Gospel is preached the service she had just done will be remembered. So it is to this day. 
      Friend, when a married Christian woman makes the decision to take the service and worship of God further, there are some requirements that she must meet in order to be a success at that level: “’Sir’, the woman said to Him, ‘give me this water so I won’t get thirsty and come here to draw water’. ‘Go call your husband’, He told her. ‘and come back here’” (John 4:15-16). In understanding this, we must realize that God does not waste His words neither does He waste resources; every plan of God fits together for a purpose. When God created man, He made him male and female. Why, there is a plan that they must achieve together. When God declared that man should be made, please look at the phrasing of the intention of God and the work man was to accomplish: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth” (Genesis 1:26, KJV). The operative word is ‘them’. God did not make Adam and Collins rather He made man and woman whom He called Adam (Genesis 5:1-2). This goes to show that they were to undertake and accomplish the task of dominion together! True, the male of man was brought forth first but when the work became much for him, (though he didn’t complain), the Lord brought out the woman to be a helpmeet (partner, backer) not a helpmate (competitor, supervisor) for the man. In other words, the task ahead of them they can only achieve and be successful in if they do it together! 
      When God was to use Deborah in the high calling of being a Judge in Israel, it was not by mistake that God introduced her as the wife of Lappidoth. When God was set to use Mary, mother of Jesus and Elizabeth, their husbands were on the same page with God because He told them what He was going to do using their wives. Thus, when the Lord spoke to the woman by the well, a point came in the conversation that the woman was to receive more but the entrance into the hall of more was: “go call your husband”! This was not meant to belittle the woman, but to make us understand that we were both created for one purpose – Work Together to achieve the purpose of God for creating man (male and female)! As a wife and a mother, you desire to serve God more…in fact you believe God is calling you to a higher calling in Him. Great! But Heaven is telling you, first, go call your husband! He is your complete! Your call and his cannot be complete without each other – that is the way you were both made. If not, we don’t need to stay married after having children! You may argue that he is an unbeliever, lackadaisical toward the things of God or his ideas are just not right. No problem. God saw this situation and still called you, allow Him to finish the process in and through you. 
      How do you call your husband to come meet with the Lord? By your attitude and character! You cannot be a saint at Church and a demon in your home because you are married to an unbeliever or an unbelieving believer: “In like manner, you married women, be submissive to your own husbands [subordinate yourselves as being secondary to and dependent on them, and adapt yourselves to them], so that even if any do not obey the word [of God], they may be won over not by discussion but by the [godly] lives of their wives, when they observe the pure and modest way in which you conduct yourselves, together with your reverence [for your husband: you are to feel for him all that reverence includes: to respect, defer to, revere him – to honor, esteem, appreciate, prize and in the human sense to adore him, that is, to admire, praise, be devoted to, deeply love, and enjoy your husband]” (1Peter 3:1-2, AMP). May God give you the grace to showcase the heart of God in your home so as to pull back your husband from the depths of hell into God’s manifest and marvelous Presence to achieve your purpose on earth together in Jesus Christ name. God bless you.


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