Those Stones

When the Disciples of Christ asked Him to teach them to pray, as He gave them the model for prayer, part of the prayer was “…lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil” (Luke 11:4b). This statement must not be viewed without asking the help of the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to what it means in every situation we find ourselves in order to learn the lessons within. After the baptism of Christ the Bible records that He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. After the days of temptation were over, 40 days and nights in all, one would have thought the enemy would give Him a break. So many times we are led into wildernesses of terrible experiences and challenges as children of God and are tested sorely. For as many that held on in the face of those terrible and dark days never lost sight of God because they believed He was with them and able to see them through the difficult times. No jobs, no admissions, loss of a loved one, marriage and relationships break downs, loss of life savings, illnesses and so many other wilderness experiences. For so many, they will tell you that what kept them going was their faith in Christ to see them through victoriously. Many will testify of His awesome saving Arm during some terrible moments in those dark times.

Jesus Christ came out of the wilderness victorious against the devil but the Bible tells us He was hungry because He had not eaten for 40 hellish days. Many of us came out of our wildernesses terribly hungry. Starved of relationships, friendships, finances, comforts and the likes! At this point, the enemy comes in and subtly asks us to compromise our faith after all,  we had held on for so long; he tells us that God Himself applauds our patience and understands if we take a little rest to refresh ourselves and will go on to quote half scriptures to back up this heresy. Because of the hunger, so many are blinded to this twisting of scriptures and they falter. Can you imagine a young family that went through hell because both parents had no visible means of livelihood through no fault of theirs? When comforts come by a sudden change of circumstances, infidelity creeps in, spouses are maltreated, children neglected and they even break faith with God because they had ‘suffered’ and are determined not to suffer again.  Just as it was with Christ, the enemy suggested  that you turn the stones of bitterness, anger, disappointments, past wrongs and the likes that you feel towards those that ought to have been there for you but were not there into bread because you need affirmation that you are no longer in the wilderness. Unknown to you, you have quietly changed masters by listening to the voice of the devil to turn those ‘stones’ to bread. Jesus said His sheep hears His voice, the voice of another they would not listen to nor obey. Friend, don’t lay the blame of your present spiritual state on the wrongs anyone or institution may have done, you took the decision to turn those ‘stones’ to bread. Instead of looking down at yourself in regret, LOOK UP! You survived the hell of those dark days that may have turned to months and years, these that you are confronted with are nothing and are not worth losing the war for.  Remember, the enemy did the same to Christ; it is an age long tactic of the devil. Christ overcame him by the testimony which is God’s word. Friend, this is your only defense against those evil suggestions. You can overcome by the Word! All Christ did was speak the Word, mean it and it was enough.  It is time to speak God’s word and mean it in order to silence those terrible suggestions from the enemy. Do this, and just as it was with Christ, Ministering Angels of the Most High God will come and minister to you (Matthew 4: 11, KJV). All that you had lost will be restored fully to you in Jesus Christ name. God bless you.


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