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Not Just Believing But Becoming

       You hear so many claim they believe in God, the one true God. Yet the lives they live negate the principles of the ‘one true God’ they claim to believe in.  The funny aspect of this is that these ones are very vocal about the darkness that has engulfed the whole earth! What exactly then is the ‘believe’ they claim to have and what does it entail if they don’t live the lives that their ‘believe’ entails? It may be their ‘believe’ makes them humane and gives them a sense of belonging. There are so many that claim to believe in God; they believe He created them, they believe He exists; they equally believe that He would one day judge the earth. These, believe that since they believe in God, they are automatically His children and are followers of Jesus Christ. After all, they reason, only God sees the heart, even if their physical acts negate His principles, their hearts still love Him! What a terrible delusion! Let’s take a look at this ‘believe’ again!         The Bible tells