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The Strange Winds Against The Ministry Of The Word

     A strange wind is blowing across the lands and only the discerning are able to tell. Things that were unheard of in the Body of Christ are slowly becoming the norm and so many either shrug their shoulders or just pretend not to notice since it does not affect them. We seemed to have forgotten why God put the Body together in the first place: “So if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it” (1corinthians 12:26). Friend, this is the time to not only stand up in prayers for our country but to equally stand up in prayers for the Ministers of the Gospel of Christ. Not a time for us to gloat and trample down those that have fallen or stumbled amongst us or to prove our theories right about them!        Let us re-examine ourselves as Ministers of the Gospel! Jesus Christ told His Disciples that we (His children) are the salt and light of the earth; not just for the Body of Christ and our immediate environments

The Perverted Love of St. Valentine’s Day!

We live in a world where those that suppress the truth have the loudest voices. They are more persuasive in their arguments because their arguments sound logical. However, the fact that an argument is loud and logical does not necessarily mean it is the truth. At the same time the fact that an argument is loud and logical does not mean it is of God. So many claim they do not care where it originates from, but they agree with and have bought into its message. If that is your stance, then you need to hear this because what you believe and have bought into is a lie. Remember, ignorance is not bliss but a dangerous position to occupy as many ‘ignorants’ abound in hell! The argument for celebrating the St Valentine day is loud and sounds logical but it is not the truth, neither is it of God! It is not of God because the love that Jesus Christ portrays carries within it the responsibility of self-sacrifice whilst that of Valentine carries no responsibility but the gratification of s

St Valentine's Day Celebration: Begging The Question!

A post once appeared on a Christian website which mirrors the mood of the moment amongst so many Christians: “Does it matter that an ancient festival used to worship pagan gods and promote fertility was adopted by the Church and used to worship the God of the Bible? Does God really care what customs are used to worship and honor Him or what holidays we celebrate?” So many argue that since the end result of these festivals is to worship God, then, the purpose has been achieved. Such forget that our God is a God of order. All He had done or ever permitted to be done had been according to divine order. In the Bible, we see how God Himself planned several feasts or celebrations for His own people either as memorials of what He had done or as a prophetic picture of what He will do. In all of these Scriptures, there was no where that we were mandated by Him to set aside a day or days in honor of a man no matter how diligent the person was, only God rewards such: “Now without faith it is

Finding True Love

       From the beginning of time God Almighty has sought various means of communicating His thoughts and desires to His creation, humans. Through the very things He has created around us, He clearly reveals His divine nature and our predestined purposes as the object of His love to those who care enough to pay attention.   His goal has always been to set men free from all that limits them from experiencing an abundant life. There is no doubt that the present life as we know it, with all its hurts, pains and heart break was never meant to be this way; indeed the enemy has done this. Friends if He created the earth with hidden and precious treasures, then how much more you? The enemy on the other hand has worked overtime to create things that bind, blind, limit and ultimately stop us from fulfilling our God-giving destinies. His most successful strategies are those which are subtle and appeal to our fleshly desires, just as it was in the Garden of Eden at the fall of man. Down through