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Before You Take That Decision

      I am sure there are some do-overs of past decisions, choices and actions that we would love to do so as not to go through the pain, disappointment and heartbreaks we may currently be experiencing. These things are in the past and God is able to forgive us and deliver us from the repercussions of our past choices if we sincerely ask Him with a repentant heart. Unfortunately, as some would say, ‘life happens’, and, despite knowing the heart of God concerning certain issues, we go ahead and do them anyway. Beloved as we see The Day draw ever closer, it is unwise to live your life in this manner as the repercussions are not bearable. You may argue that it is good to make mistakes, and we should not be afraid of making them as it helps us to grow. This teaching is worldly and it negates the Word of God that says: “All those led by God’s Spirit are God’s sons” (Romans 8:14). This means we can actually live a life devoid of making mistakes. Now understand this: What people may term as