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The Song Of The Sheep

The Lord Jesus Christ is my Shepherd  Because He feeds, guides and shields me.   I belong to His pen, those are the only ones He feeds, guide and shields. Before He can become your Shepherd, you must belong to His sheep pen! To belong to this pen, you must belong to His family: having His divine seed inside of you. I am not a bastard but a son, belonging to the commonwealth of God. He makes me lie down in green pastures. Not willingly But when I respond I realize that I had been truly weary and need the rest. My Shepherd makes and creates situations  Where He makes me lie down in safety, Leading me beside still calm and restful waters. He refreshes and restores me. I didn’t know but now I know that a refreshing or a restoring occurs  When I return after wandering away. He refreshes and restores me. He is truly the God of second chances! He leads I follow in the paths of righteousness for His name sake. It means it is not the things I say or do that makes me righteous. How wonderfu

Whom Are You Serving?

Are you one of those that wish they could do more for the Kingdom of God? Or you have started serving, but you are so bogged down with the nonchalant, irreverent and lazy attitude of the people around you? Or like Martha in Luke 10:40-42, all the work in the Unit or Department had been left to you to do?   Martha like you was worried about something good after all she had Jesus over for dinner. She was literary serving God! Her aim therefore, was to please Jesus! Unfortunately she made a common yet dangerous mistake. How? As she began to serve Him, her service became more important than the Lord she was meant to serve! What began as a way to serve Jesus Christ slowly and subtly became a way to serve self! She had forgotten that the meal was to honor and draw attention to Jesus not herself. Her sister Mary on the other hand drew attention to the Master when she broke the alabaster box of perfume at His feet, without minding the cost to herself. How far gone are you in your service

God Loves You!

God loves us just the way we are but He refuses to leave us that way! Wow! What a profound thought! Friend, He will not leave you the way He found you because He wants you to be like Him. That is why the Bible tells us in Philippians 2:5 to have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had. God’s great desire for each of us is captured in His love for us just the way we are. If we think His love for us would be stronger if our faith increases, we are wrong. If you think His love would be deeper for you if your thoughts and actions were right, we are wrong again. We must not confuse God’s love with the love of people. The love humans have for each other increases with performance and decreases with mistakes. It is not so with God’s love. He loves us right where we are. Study the chances extended to king Ahab (the seventh most wicked king that ever ruled Israel) and Haman to mention a few. Luke 18:7 says God will always give what is right to His people who cry to Him night and day and He wil

Does God Love Me?

So many children of God at one point of their lives ask this question: does God love me? If He does, why are certain things not happening the way I want them to ? This question is an age long question that children of God had asked and are still asking. It is a question that distracts followers of Christ from following completely. It is the question that had driven a lot of potential generals in the Lord's Army to the camp of darkness. Have we ever sat down to ponder where exactly this question originates from? What could have propelled us to ask such a question? In Romans 5:8, the Lord proved His love for us in this manner, that while we were still sinners, He died for us. No person dies for a person he does not love. The enemy knows that if he can succeed in telling man that God does not love him, all kinds of dark thoughts will enter his heart, such a person becomes a willing tool of darkness. There are so many reasons why a child of God can suddenly question God's love f

Matters Of The Heart

The heart is the innermost part of a person, it is the center of decision making and feelings. It is the seat of unresolved issues of your life that needs changing. For these issues to be resolved, the heart must be changed. So many want the issues of their lives to be resolved without a corresponding change to their hearts. This is not possible! Our God is not sentimental, neither is He a switch that you switch on and off as your mood dictates. The Bible tells us that above everything else, we must guard our hearts diligently. No matter what you do, if your heart is not changed your condition will not change. When your heart condition is right you will pray better, a better giver, an all-round better person. Psalm 1:1-3 gives us the portrait of the heart of a man. According to the Scripture, when you try to please the world yet involved in the things of God, you have become a hypocrite and actually walking in the counsel of the ungodly! Maybe you enjoy sin for a moment, swinging an

Created By His Word

Do not be troubled no matter the storms you are facing because the only thing that storms and people respond to is the word of God. The word of the Lord Jesus Christ are not mere words, they have life and they give life! The word of the Lord is what holds the world, keep it in position and will destroy it at the end of the age. So many speak the word of God but do not believe neither do they obey it; likewise, so many believe that their Redeemer lives but they do not trust Him. They look for alternative means of deliverance. Every word spoken by God or man goes out as a seed and it must do what it has been sent to do. This calls for caution concerning what we speak. The Bible tells us that God is the word in John 1:14; the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us (Jesus Christ). Everything took its existence by the word (Colossians 1:16-17). The spoken word is powerful, God made it so. That is why when a man is cursed it remains. The word that was said 20 years ago in some families is