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Enough of the Excuses!

I had an interesting conversation with a wonderful child of God the other day that I would love to share the lessons of the conversation with you. He started off by saying just like many of us that he has received the call to preach. Actually, this call is a call to all Christ followers and not to a particular group of people as Christ said in Mark 16:15 – “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation”. However, our pulpit for preaching may differ from one to the other. No matter how we go about it, we ALL must go out and preach the good news once we are His followers. Back to my conversation, the young man told me he would love to go but he needed to have a platform, he needs to register the ‘ministry’, have great equipment to project the message. According to him, his target audience is the youth and he believes that the gadgets and their production will greatly attract them to his ‘ministry’. It sounds great but it missed the point of what God is making in

Time To Draw Near!

If there is a time humanity needs God, it is now! So many confusing theologies and seemingly right teachings that appeal to our senses but these are deadening our sense of what is sin and what is not. Unfortunately, so many saints have been swept away by the euphoria of the moment and are losing sight of the doctrine of the word of God. It is not enough to claim to know Christ; we are admonished to work out our salvation on a daily basis. What this simply means is to live out that which we claim to believe in every facet of our lives. Equally, we are to use the knowledge of God to overcome the strategies of darkness. James 4 warns us to be on our guard about the conditions of our hearts so as not to give in to the lure of darkness. God never said we should run away from the earth so that we would not be trapped by the devil; the command was for us to face the devil and resist him. Have you ever wondered why the devil flees from us when we resist him? His fleeing from us is not because

The Code Of Conduct Of Heaven!

If we must be truthful to ourselves and look around Christendom today, we cannot but wonder if the standards of God had been lowered. Several teachings have diluted the word of God, others have taken God’s word out of their contextual meanings entirely; in fact new bibles carrying these strange teachings now abound in the market. One hilarious teaching is that there is no hell and even the devil will be saved at the end! As a child of God carrying the Spirit of the Lord Most High, one wonders if we are still worshiping the same God! Jesus Christ in Matthew 5 gave the code of conduct of those that desire to reign with Him. The beatitudes as they are called are not qualities that one may have or choose from as you would in a grocery shop! They are character qualities of a heaven-bound child of God. They are to be the basis of our virtues and ethics that will in-turn enable us be ready citizens of heaven. They form the foundation of an authentic Christ-like life. As profound as they

Preparing Our Lives!

                          The story of King Hezekiah’s reforms as seen in 2Chronicles 29-31 reveals how an individual, a family or even a nation can rightly position their hearts and open up themselves for true revival and an outpouring of God’s blessing. From the very moment he began to reign he not only opened the house of God for worship, but he equally challenged those who God had called to minister in the temple to set themselves apart from all encumbrances in order to cleanse rid the Temple of the defilements. He reminded them of how their fathers had failed terribly by turning their eyes away from the Holy One dwelling in the Temple to the detriment of the nation and it's people. He said in 2 Chronicles 29:10 “my sons be not now negligent for the Lord has chosen you to stand before Him to serve Him and that you should minister to Him and burn incense” . What is most amazing about his charge was that it was given on the very first month of the first year of his reign. He s

Gideon: A Cautionary Tale

There is a very important prayer in Psalm 119:33-37 that is very relevant in these dire times that is difficult to be a child of God. The enemy knows that once he can distract a person from focusing on God, he wins the heart of such. This tact he had used through the ages and successfully too. In the above Psalm, the Psalmist started with God teaching him the meaning of the Word, getting understanding and obeying the Word. This prayer is great but the Psalmist did not stop there but went on to pray that he needed help to keep his heart from worthless things which he feels will snuff the life of God out of him. We see these verses come to life in the account of Gideon in Judges 6-8. Gideon had a wonderful encounter with God: God explained His Word and granted him understanding and grace to do the impossible. Gideon by the power of God raised a rag tag army of three hundred men that defeated a large Midianite army that had been harassing and oppressing the Israelites at that time. A