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Is Experience Truly The Best Teacher?

There is an adage that experience is the best teacher. With this adage in mind, several especially teenagers and young adults, have been taught to go out and make as many mistakes as possible so they could learn from them. While it is true that making a mistake or failing should not be seen as final but a learning point, it does not mean one should have the mindset of failing always, with the excuse that one will learn from them. Once we fail, it is expected that we should learn the lessons and equally put certain workings in place to help detect and correct such failing before it happens again. These learning are to make us grow and mature in whatever task we are doing or in particular aspects of our lives. We are not expected to make a career out of failing with the excuse that ‘failure is not final’. When infants learn to walk, they fall severally but after awhile their leg and feet muscles become strong and they are able to walk without falling over. We have to learn to cult

Strictly For Parents!

A friend remarked the other day that there was so much carnage in the world today and the sad part for her is that when one looks at the center of the problem, we find young people as the protagonists. She turned to me at that moment and said sadly “something must be drastically done”. She was right! These problems are not limited to under-developed or developing countries but are becoming endemic in the developed world as well: the Christians and the non-Christians alike. It is quite mind boggling when a young person from a privileged background, and lives in one of the great economies of the world decides that it is fun and fulfilling to go half way around the world to kill people in a fight that its politics, they cannot defend. Or how does one explain a situation when young people see nothing wrong in physically exposing themselves on the internet in a bid to be accepted and popular! The list is endless. The Bible tells us parents, especially the fathers: “And fathers, don’t

Step Back

Saying yes to Jesus Christ to be our Lord and Savior does not preclude us going through some very rough and tough patches along the road. Our responses to these tough and rough patches actually prove the faith that we profess. Severally in the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible, we see God telling us not to be afraid of whatever may come our way because He cares for us. This shows that there will be lots of scenarios along the way that will terrify us and may ignite doubt in our minds about Him. From a simplistic point of view, we may wonder why God will let us go through the fears and dangers in the first place. If He was going to be with us every step of the way, carnally we think we don’t really have to go through them in the first place. However, we have not been called to be carnal, infantile or immature Christians. The price of maturity in Christ Jesus is gotten not by our tittles or how long we have been serving but to the degree we have allowed God’s word to trai

Our First Port Of Call

Growing up in a culture that touts who you know above the skills you may have can be quite frustrating and disappointing. The resultant effect is that those that are most qualified for the spaces (schools, jobs, businesses) are passed over for those less qualified. The reason being because they have a person upstairs or as it is said in our clime, they have a ‘father down there’. So many promising young entrepreneurs’ dreams are shut down because they have no ‘father up or down’ to push their causes. Needless to say it had and is affecting the community adversely. If you are one of those that feel marginalized because you have no one to speak or stand for you, don’t be. The truth is you actually do have someone that will stand, speak or fight for you if you give Him the chance. You may declare that you are born again and serving God truthfully with all your might; but if I may ask you a question: Why is it at the sound or smell of trouble the first person you turn or run to is hum

Shine Your Light Despite…

Have you ever noticed as a disciple of Christ, the better you do, the more people don’t particularly like you? They may respect you, but they do not really want to be your friend? This can be quite frustrating in a world that is touting the benefits of teamwork, acceptability, congenial and community behaviors on one hand and you trying to be a ‘people person’ on the other. What most disciples of Christ may be tempted to do is compromise in certain areas of their lives in order to get appreciated and liked. The most famous verse to support this action is: “…I have become all things to all people so that I may by all means save some” (1Corinthians 9:22b). However, in their quest to win more through their freedom they fail to balance the Scripture: “For you are called to freedom, brothers; only don’t use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but serve one another through love” (Galatians 5:13). If love is the excuse to win as many as we can to Christ, then as disciples we