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Double Standard

       ‘Can you imagine?’ Rebecca said as she sat down dejectedly beside me. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. ‘My pastor is at it again’, she retorted. ‘Can you imagine he is accusing one of my team members in the Church of fornication? The punishment is to publicly humiliate her and suspend her from my team. Meanwhile his brother that allegedly committed the sin with her will be prayed for by the pastors secretly so as not to fall into the hands of manipulating sisters again’. As incredulous as this may sound, this terrible double standard in the Church is becoming more and more apparent. So many are quick to dish out judgments to people they perceive are wrong and their actions are below what they term as right or wrong. At the same time, they are quick to lower those same standards and even make excuses for themselves or their loved ones that fall short of these same standards. Thank God that He, the Almighty, is not like that. He shows no favoritism and expects each of His children to

Standards of God…Arise!

         The news is filled with incredulous and horrific stories that leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. It has become a norm to hear of killings, rape and the likes on a daily basis and the perpetrators believe they have a right to do what they had done. A few section of the society have become the prosecutor, jury, judge and executioner. The larger sections of the society look away, by so doing, approving the dastardly acts of a few. Some years ago in our country, a slogan was formed to instill a sense of belonging and decency upon the citizens. The slogan reads, good people, great nation! I wonder how the proponents of the slogan will feel now with so many horrific acts perpetrated and the government agencies appearing to collude with the perpetrators by their silence and unfruitful (in)actions. However, this piece is not about them but about the standards (Isaiah 59:16) of God that ought to stand against the flood of such acts and have become wimps or are fast asleep.