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Are You A Disciple?

You are the life of the party: when you enter a room, the mood changes and picks on your mood. Decisions are not taken except you make an impute.   All these happen to you and around you and you do not know why. You have often wondered especially when you have your own challenges to face, it seems no one sees this and you have come to take on the role of ‘Camp Mother’ unwillingly. This is not strange! The Lord only desires your attention. When Peter stood up and said he was going fishing, he invited none of the Disciples but a couple of them on their own joined him. The Lord had to quickly come to re-orientate him on the call upon his life. Incidentally, that is the kind of command that the Lord had given His children. Whatever they do, without inviting anyone, people join and copy their actions or words. You may just be one! How have you led the people around you? Have you not noticed that when you do a thing, people older, younger, family members even your peers take cue from you

Be Encouraged!

Are you waiting on the Lord concerning a particular issue and your faith is beginning to falter? Or you are in a terrible condition that looks as if there is no way out?   Do not give up, for we have a compassionate Father that is concerned with the minutest things that concerns us. A man in a terrible condition met with the Master in Luke 5:12-15. The Bible says when he met the Lord, he fell face down and begged Him. The moving statement he made was “if you are willing, You can make me clean”. This poignant statement points to the fact that this man may have lost everything as a result of this ailment. He must have been a well respected member of the community with a wonderful family and a thriving business. But due to his leprous condition, he was termed unclean and became an outcast. Everything he ever loved and held dear was taken from him. He had gotten to the end of his strength. Praise God that he encountered the Lord that faithful day and did not stand aloof. He did not care

Pottery – My Story, My Song!

I can see the admiration in your eyes for me as you look at me through the display glass. Very true, I am beautiful, rugged and dainty at the same time. My lines are not only beautiful but graceful as well. I could hear your sighs and the wish that you could possess me and take me home with you. So sorry, I am not for sale. I belong solely to my Master for His pleasure. You can however find my story in Jeremiah 18:1-12. But if you do not mind, I would like to share a bit of myself with you. I have not always been like this. I was picked from the ground that men had trampled on, all but forgotten. I had resigned to my fate to be forever forgotten, despised, unloved, unrecognized, trampled on and worn out. One day, there came along this lovely Man. He bent down and scooped me from the dirt of forgetfulness, sin and hopelessness and took me home with Him. As soon as He got to what I can only think must be His House, He put me on a table and started working on me. At first, as He poked

Developed Or Flabby?

Mark 10:17-22 tells of the story of a Rich Young Ruler that had it made. He was living a good life but noticed there was something still very wrong. He realized he had no assurance of Heaven despite all he knew about God, thus, he approached Christ to instruct him on how he could get this assurance. After his discussion with Christ, the Bible says Jesus Christ loved him. The Lord saw the sincerity in his heart and gave him the prerequisite for eternal life and he could not accept it! The Bible says he was stunned at the demand of the Lord and went away grieving. He actually walked away because he refused to develop what he knew about God. Proverbs 9:9 says if a wise man is instructed he will be wiser, teach a righteous man and he will learn more. Once a man refuses the instructions of the Lord; instructions that will develop his love and discernment in and for the Lord, then such a man is in a precarious state. The Bible says the man walked away from the Master: we might mock him a

True Change

As children of God, many of us desire change, but when faced with decisions that will effect these changes, we falter. So many have prayed to God to change their circumstances, when the Lord answered and told them what they have to do for the change to come, they turn tail and run. You cannot desire change and be set in the very things you want changed. If you truly desire change, then you must let go of the things you want changed consciously and begin to apply the prescriptions you have been given by the Lord. In Genesis 32:1-2, we see Jacob encountering the Angels of the Lord. The only experience he left that encounter with was to name the land ‘God’s Camp! That’s how so many of God’s children react to God when they encounter Him, instead of their hearts to be affected they only apply the experience to their physical circumstances. God is not just interested in changing our circumstances, He desires our hearts above all else. No wonder God had to return again and again to Jacob u