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Greater Works

       There is a groaning around the world because of unrest, the rate of corruption and uncertainty that pervades the political, economic and social well-being of nations. With the high rate of intolerance, so many are questioning the foundation of their beliefs, values and allegiances. No matter how much of the questioning we do, the fault for all these debacles cannot be laid anywhere else than firmly at the feet of the people: Because leadership, policies, rules and regulations have not being able to change the attitudes of the majority of the people to aspire for a greater living devoid of religious intolerance, bickering and corruption. Despite how much technology is hyped, mankind is still searching for leaders that will truly lead them by example so they could emulate. Where then is the hope of mankind? The only group of people that can provide such leadership example is the Church of Christ, the Body of the Living God! There is a grace upon the Church to carry this upon

True Leadership

        When one considers the economies of the world, great and small, what most lack is true leadership. If the economy of a nation prospers and its people prosper in all facets of their lives, it will be chalked down to true leadership: Someone has inspired such a society to live above itself; and it will certainly reap the rewards of such selflessness. Unfortunately, we live in a world where selfishness is the order of the day. This had bred arrogance, pride, lack of empathy, falsehood and so many vices in the leaders and those being led. The end result is economies rise and fall like pack of cards and policies and practices that humans frowned on some decades ago are seen as norm. No matter which way you cut it, the world is in dire need of true leadership that will inspire the people no matter the race, class or creed to live selflessly above and beyond itself. This will certainly give rise to sustainable economies and high social standards. As a child of God, God’s desire for

Be Vigilant!

A popular saying goes like this: ‘one of the greatest tricks the enemy ever pulled was to convince the world that he does not exist’. This statement is very true especially in the light of arguments put forward by those referred to as ‘free thinkers’. As one of them before I was arrested by Jesus Christ, I believed that every human was ultimately responsible for his/her actions. I, then, argued that no external force can make a human do what he/she does not want to do. The reason the action was carried out in the first place, my reasoning, is that the person had an innate desire and when the opportunity came, it was easy to carry out the action. Coming to Christ, I have heard some Believers in Christ argue that the enemy can no longer lead a born-again Christian astray…and many like arguments! Thinking in either of the schools of thought is na├»ve and terribly dangerous. Whether we agree or not, the human has a formidable foe that is bent on degrading, stealing from him, killing an

The Lone Voice

        Looking at the happenings around the world, we don’t need a Seer to tell us we are living in the times the Bible called difficult and hard to bear and deal with (2 Timothy 3:1). As a child of God in these times where the undiluted word of God is scarce, we have two particular options before us: to either flow with the status quo of complacent and compromising believers or to stand out. The truth is, as you may well know, it is difficult, hard and lonely to stand out in the face of compromising messages and doctrines. One will be labeled a non-conformist, extremist and all manner of names. They called our Master worse names, so don’t worry you are in good company! If your true desire is to inherit eternal life – a life of everlasting joy and peace - after this transient life, then, ‘standing out’ is non-negotiable! Some may argue that the crowd or majority of believers are right since they acknowledge the Lordship and Headship of Christ. Friend, that excuse is not enough reas

Active Listening To Obey Accurately

          There’s been a lot of debate and argument on the issue of God speaking in our present dispensation. Some argue that man’s sin is so great that it had pushed man farther away from God; hence they can’t hear when He speaks. Others declare we have been given wisdom to judge what is right, and when we do right that must be God! With all these goings-on, if one is not sure-footed, one can be swept away with the deceit. A fact however, must be established here, it is very important for man, male and female, to hear God for themselves in order to obey God accurately. It simply will not do if our hearing is based on what others heard because our eternal life (a life after this present one) is dependent on how well we listened. The Bible states clearly: “And if the Spirit of Him who raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, [then] He Who raised up Christ Jesus from the dead will also restore to life your mortal (short-lived perishable) bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you”