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Set Your Mind On Jesus Christ!

We live in times that are filled with a lot of distractions. These distractions either good or bad are set towards taking over our hearts if we allow them. As we increase in God, the more we see the world twisted by the god of this age. We are not to lose sight of God but must set our hearts upon Him no matter the happenings around us. The Bible encourages us to do this because: “ You (GOD) will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You” (Isaiah 26:3). Thus, what position should our hearts be then? Because of these happenings, and many more will happen as the Day of the Lord draws near, God expects us to be committed and resolved in our walk with Him. As we patiently with endurance go through this time, we must come out stronger and matured in our knowledge of the Lord.The Psalmist in Psalm 84 tells us that no matter the circumstances, those that make the Presence of God their habitation will continually praise the Lord as they experience His go

Living our lives by faith

We live in a world that celebrates what is seen and pays little attention to what is not. The end result is that people live superficial lives and pay little attention to that which is unseen. As a child of God, we have been called to live a life of faith: a belief in Someone we cannot see but we are convinced is there. Science says it is a crazy idea! But the truth is man is a faith being, he needs to believe in something greater than himself to live or excel. This is the point where great characters are formed. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:35-39 not to lose our confidence in God despite the happenings around us that may make us doubt the existence of God and the authenticity of our faith. Despite the strong pull of the world on our minds seeking to corrupt our walk with God, the Bible encourages us to remember that: “For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise” (Hebrews 10:36). This is to prepare us for the fact t

Confidently Looking Forward

              It is expedient in our days to learn how to constantly draw encouragement from the word of God by looking at the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is a perfect example of One Who ran His race confidently till the end. Other examples in Scriptures are the patriarchs, both named and unnamed, whose strengths and weaknesses are clearly written to help us navigate our way, in our time. Indeed we live in a time when instant gratification, earthly pleasures and vain glory in one’s accomplishments and material possessions are the order of the day. But when we study the lives of these men we see a different perspective to life . Though they had to pass through many struggles, trials, wars, deprivation and many conflicting ideas from unbelievers in their time, yet they held on confidently to their faith in God and to the things that He had revealed to them. Those of them, who were mightily blessed and famous, did not allow temporary things to erode their expectation of a bett

Do You Desire Wisdom?

Without education, they say, one will not amount to much because one will be foolish in his thinking. In fact the argument goes that the lack of a certificate or a degree may be detrimental to the success of such a person. As a result there is a great emphasis in getting at least a high school diploma so that one can stand a chance of being successful. Education is good and it is indeed an advantage to get one but it should not be seen as a guarantee for making one wise. The truth is, as helpful as an education may be, reading widely to gain knowledge, or even traveling far and wide and being mentored by the best minds are not guarantees or yardsticks for getting wisdom or to measure one’s wisdom. Wisdom is not found in textbooks, discoveries, inventions or in some great mind autobiography. Some even argue that wisdom can be gleaned through one’s associations. If this were true, fools should not be found in families of wise people or a wise person in a family of fools. Please do b