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The Place

Understand this: as the challenges of the times increases so we would see the manifestation of the true sons of God! The truth is, this indeed is our moment to showcase the AWESOME Power of the Most High God in all spheres. The Bible calls these days we are in difficult and hard to bare times. These are the times that the Lord will purge every alloy and dross from His Body!  And friend, that is exactly the times we are in now. This is the times when the world leaders of thought have become clueless and even thoughtless in their decisions. This calls for caution and prayers on our part. It is not the time to argue the ‘wherefores’ and ‘heretofores’, neither the time to castigate nor pull them down but to pray for them because it is the ‘times’.  The Bible declares in Daniel 11:32b “…but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.”  Only people who ‘know’ their God will do exploits for the Kingdom by taking action in these times in affecting the society from go

Now! 2

“How do I know my call?” Are you presently asking this question? May I ask you: "where do you hope to spend eternity?" The choice to spend it in either of two places (heaven or hell) is made whilst we are here on earth. If you have made the choice to spend it with the Lord then you must do well to live by His principles here on earth! You might wonder how this is relevant to the question at hand. Do understand that a call was given to everyone that believes in Him to go and make disciples of ALL nations; the Judgement of the nations by Christ in Matthew 25:31-46 is based on this mandate. We have not been saved to sit in huddles and comfortable pews but to go forth and MAKE disciples of men. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the cause for which Jesus Christ died has become well…like the Iditarod, a spectator sport, lots of activity but no thoughts about the lives at stake… No wonder so many sit gripe and whine about what their call is or should be when the primary call

Are You Following False Prophetic Voices? – Jennifer LeClaire

A young woman called me looking for a prophetic word. She was befuddled, sore vexed and all-out desperate to hear from God about a certain situation. This young, Spirit-filled woman, we’ll call her Tammy, insisted she just couldn’t hear from God. She had prayed. She has worshipped. She had read books on   how to hear the voice of God . Yet she adamantly confessed that she could not hear a word. She called me because she wanted me to “go to the throne” on her behalf. Tammy went on to rehearse every detail the devil was telling her. She told me how the devil said she was going to get fired on the next round of job layoffs. She told me how the devil said her car was going to break down soon. She told me how the devil said she was going to get sick. And she was full of fear. Can you see the contrast yet? Tammy did not believe she could hear the voice of God—and this after I had coached her for weeks on how to quiet her soul and listen for that   still small voice —yet she could tell me ev


When we compare the news report headlines all over the world, the prevalent picture shows a world that is spiralling out of control in everything that is inimical to the growth of any society. Comparing these headlines to the end-time prophecies of the Bible, we can safely conclude that God's game clock is running out: that it's way past halftime in our world! In fact, it could be that our world and our generation are hearing God's two-minute warning. When football players hear that warning, they throw caution to the wind, they make every second count and they do whatever it takes to get points on the score-board. Jesus Christ said, "We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the One who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.” (John 9:4 – NLT).  It seems to me that Team Jesus - all of us who claim to follow Him - should be doing no less! We should be moving beyond maintenance mode to taking new grounds for the Kingdom. We should be serving an


A young man was once asked what he does for the Lord: what exactly is his ministry? He looked confused and explained he does not have a ministry, but he does have a call to be an usher; and that is the department he works in his church. The same question was posed to a sister in the same church and she declared she had a calling to sing, hence her being in the choir. She was asked if she knew this was her ministry. She was taken aback, as she felt ministry is when you have a special call to run a church or the paraphernalia and hype that go with what we call ‘ministry’ today. Of course, with the young man and woman’s thoughts on what a ministry is it will not be farfetched to conclude that they might not fulfill theirs since they believe it is for some people and limited to the church setting alone; unless they come to understand what ministry is they would be underutilized and not succeed in their posts as any wind of doctrine will blow them off their marks. There are so many who be

A Piece Of The Price – Ron Hutchcraft

I know a teenage guy who's trying to make his dream come true - to have a music group of his own. And so there are four guys spending long evenings - a lot of their weekends - practicing, writing, perfecting, and recording. Their goal is to do a professional recording and see if it can open some doors for them. Of course, they found one issue that needs to be resolved right up front. See, they need some fairly expensive equipment, plus it's going to cost them much to get the recording done. So, who's going to pay for all that? Well, obviously, some of the guys have more money than others, but they know that it's only right to divide it equally. So they're all working right now to chip in on that equipment. They basically agreed on a simple principle: It's only fair if we all share the cost.   Our word for today is taken from the Word of God, Philippians 2:5, "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." Okay. Well, then he goes on to tel

Rocky Heart

When Jesus Christ asked Peter thrice if he loved Him, Peter was quite offended as will so many of us if we were in his shoes. After all, he and Jesus were ‘tight’! Jesus Christ was pointing out a foundational fact if missed can make a mockery of our professed faith in Him: our love for Him cannot be based on carnality! The Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 5 says except a man is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God. By verse 5, it reads, except a man is born of water and the Spirit such cannot enter the Kingdom of God. This is not confusing but very straight forward: a paramount need to grow and mature in the Lord, it is not how long or how ‘tight’ you are with Him. The truth of this is that whatever is born of flesh is flesh and whatever is born of the Spirit is spirit. Thus, to serve God, we must serve Him in spirit and truth. No man can do this except he is truly born of the Spirit. In chapter 4:23, Jesus reiterated that those born of the Spirit are the ones that can serve Go