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And Into This We Have Been Called…

A young lady cried out the other day: ‘what exactly is my purpose at this time? I mean, I know what my purpose overall is, but at this present time, going through this suffering, what exactly is the point; what am I supposed to do in all of this suffering?’ The anguish in her voice punctuated every syllable that came out of her lips. I was torn in my heart as I could feel the raw pain that came from her heart. I, in-turn turned to ask the Lord what I should say to her as I was lost for words and I could not find the right words to say to console her. Then I heard this statement in my spirit: “Into this you have been called” .  There are so many among us, like the young lady, going through a phase in their lives that look never ending. You may wonder why the word, ‘phase’. It is a phase because it is temporary and will pass away once it has run its course. Yes, it is running a course in order to work out and produce what God has set it out to do in your life. You might ask why. It is to