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For The Voracious Eater

       Someone remarked the other day that he was so hungry that he would eat anything that was placed before him. This statement, which we make often as humans when we get to that point of hunger reminded me of Daniel and his friends when they were captured and taken to king Nebuchadnezzar’s palace in Babylon (Daniel 1). Like all other young nobles that were captured with them, they were offered choice meals from the king’s table. Let’s consider the conditions they were in. These young noble men like the other captives were captured from their homes and traveled several kilometers in presumably several days or weeks, put in slave camps, prisons or dungeons, starving. Later, the guards, on the orders of the king came and selected the nobles, fittest and finest amongst them. These were then brought to the palace and a table filled with assorted choice foods was set before them. If you were in their shoes, having gone hungry for a very long time, what would be your reaction at that very

Those Cheat Days

      After strenuous exercises in the gym for a couple of months, with no significant reduction in weight to show for it, a friend humorously remarked: ‘mehn…something is grossly wrong with our diet’. He was making allusions to the cheat days we indulge in once a week to eat the things we are not supposed to eat if we truly intend to keep the weight off. We all laughed nervously as we all knew he was not only right, but if we truly need to see a change in our weights, we would really need to stop the ‘cheat days’. The reality of this conversation is that you can’t truly eat your cake and still want to keep it. We understood that, for there to be a significant show in weight loss, the exercises must be combined with a disciplined diet. The same goes for our spiritual lives! We do so much in service to the Lord but our lives show little or no significant growth in our spiritual lives. So many attend choir practices, prayer meetings, bible studies and many more programs but are unable t