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Examine Yourself

When the very essence of a man’s belief system is challenged, the man rises in arms in order to defend it. This had been the norm from the beginning; in some religions they become destructive in order to defend the system they strongly believe in. However, if the foundation of what you believe in is not challenged you might be deceived to think your way is right and the truth. A day is coming that will reveal the truth about the diverse belief systems in the world, whether the world likes it or not. As a child of God though, we are not to rise up in arms against those that challenge our faith or dismiss them but we must be open enough to take in the criticisms and or corrections and analyse them based on the Light of the Word of God. Once it fails this test, we discard them. No one is saying you are not declaring or living the truth, but if it is done without LOVE, it is a PERVERSION of the Truth! The reason why evil has thrived and will continue to thrive is because so many are aver

Say Goodbye To The ‘Armor Bearer’ mentality – J. Lee Grady

My friend Charles wanted a mentor. He was eager to learn the ropes of ministry, so he asked an older pastor for training. The pastor agreed—but Charles soon realized the man wanted a valet, not an apprentice. Charles became the man’s “armor bearer.” The man never took Charles on hospital visits, involved him in ministry assignments or prayed with him. Instead, Charles was expected to carry the pastor’s briefcase, fetch coffee and take suits to the cleaners—with no salary offered. In this case, “armor bearer” was a spiritualized term for “slave.” This bizarre trend became popular in churches 20 years ago, but it still thrives. It appeals to insecure leaders who need an entourage to make them feel important. Some pastors have even assigned trainees to serve as bodyguards—complete with dark glasses and concealed weapons. These young men are instructed to keep people away from the pastor so he doesn’t have to talk to anyone after a church service (because, after all, the poor preacher mi


All over the world, the enemy has stepped up his attack on the Body of Christ, however, those that ought to be watching are either blind, sleeping or have left their duty post. Fortunately, the enemy has nothing new to offer but to recycle the same ammunition he had used from the very beginning. There is therefore, a need to understand this tactic in order to stand against it and defeat it. As His children, God Almighty is our Shelter and Protector against the forces that confront us on a daily basis to bring us down. In the Bible, the people of Amalek had a way of attacking people that was similar to the operations of the devil. The Bible says “They met you along the way and attacked all your stragglers from behind when you were tired and weary. They did not fear God.” Deuteronomy 25:18. This is the same pattern the devil employs against the children of God. He has no fear of God as exemplified in his temptation of Jesus Christ. His age long system of attacking those that became we

Before You Move, Hear This…2

Have you been in a situation when you feel as if you have gotten to the end of your rope and it looks like you are not getting the responses you ought to be getting from Heaven considering the grave situation you are in? At this point, many advise us to take decisions based on the facts on ground! Armed with these facts, so many go on to take decisions that eventually alienate or push them completely out of the purposes of God for their lives. Naomi made a decision to return back to Bethlehem with her two daughter in-laws when she heard God had responded to their cries. However, when faced with the daunting prospects for their future Orpah one of the daughters in law chose to remain with her people and her gods. Ruth on the other hand forsook everything to follow her mother in-law back to a strange land. Ruth looked beyond her precarious situation and saw the God of Israel as a better God to serve than the gods of Moab. Despite the seemingly plenty and security she could find if she

Before You Move, Hear This…

So many times circumstances or situations we face force us to make decisions to save ourselves and our loved ones from hunger, danger, lack, famine and or hardship. These circumstances often times ‘lead’ us to alter our position or stand either spiritually and or physically in search of greener pastures while in reality we are actually moving from “The Source” or “The Land of Bread” (God’s Presence) into the very things we fear. When a person moves from the Fountain of Living Waters, such will go into a land that appears to be watered but in reality is a desert that devours its inhabitants. The book of Ruth started off by describing a man named Elimelech and his wife Naomi, both Ephrathites from Bethlehem in Judah. He along with his wife and sons left the land of Bethlehem for Moab because of famine. The Bible says he entered the land of Moab and settled there with his family. We don’t know for how long he lived there, but it was recorded that shortly after he died; his sons Mahlon and