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Where Are The Sons Of Light?

      If there was ever a time humanity needed God, it is these times. In man’s quest for perfection and the ultimate prize (whatever that may be), there is a gradual but noticeable drift from what should be to things that were unheard of. We question why there’s such acceleration towards self-destruction but we fail to search out what was before and what made ‘before’ ‘so good’!         At a point in time, the children of Israel drifted from the living God and turned to worthless idols, self idolization and the likes. The resultant effect was terrible and the nation is still reeling from the effects till date. These events are recorded in the Scriptures to serve as a reminder to us as to what will happen when we consciously drift from the one true God. You may call this piece religious or fanatic, but the truth is, when a person/nation loses direction as to where he/she is going and lose grip of where he/she had been, such is but a step from self destruction. When we first embr

Remove And Replace Those Shoes

       The Church over the years has grown and is growing in leaps and bounds. The Bible has been interpreted into numerous languages and many more interpretations are on the way. We are witnessing awesome moves of God over nations and peoples as the DAY draws nearer. In spite of the moves of darkness to silence the voices of the saints, our voices are ringing out the more. For this reason, many are coming to Christ in hundreds and thousands even in lands that had hitherto been shut to the gospel of Jesus Christ. On the flip side however, so has persecutions increased to unprecedented heights. The Body of Christ has been called unprintable names and has become the target for annihilation. In fact, some believe that persecuting and killing Christians is a great service to ‘God’! This is not strange; the Lord warned us that all these happenings will take place before He comes; so we must not lose heart or be discouraged.        As it was during the days of the children of Israel i


          There is a mantra that is consistent now especially in our clime; and that is “change”. From east to west and north to south, the people are tired of the status quo and they desire a paradigm shift in order to realize their dreams and aspirations. This is not new; it is a phenomenon that had been with man since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, as much as people may desire change, there is always a struggle to shift from the comfortable questionable status quo to the desired one; especially when they realize it takes boldness and determination to shift.        In the Scriptures, an account opened in Matthew chapter 3 with the description of John the Baptist when he began his ministry; so many flocked to him to be baptized by him after they had confessed their sins. In spite of the fact that he did not perform any miracle, they still came in their hundreds to be rid of their sins as they desired a fresh start. The Pharisees and Sadducees, the teachers of God’s Law at