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Whose Instruction?

One weapon that the enemy uses to paralyze our relationship with God is the fear and uncertainty of the unknown plus a distrust of His timings and ways. You might disagree or wonder how this can be. Several times we have received instructions from God and are equally willing to carry them out but when the instructions are tested, we falter. This happens because we assume that since it is God that gave the instructions, nothing should hinder us; in fact, the whole universe should be on stand still as we fulfill the said instructions. Sadly, this is simply not the case! Unfortunately, at this point so many lose faith, become hesitant and unsure of who they are in Christ. Friend, when we look through Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, we find that every person that God gave an instruction faced one challenge or the other on the road to carrying out the instructions. The victory is not in getting the instruction but the fulfillment of the instruction. Therein lays the victory. In

He First Called Us to Himself

          We live in a time of great outreaches to peoples and nations, hitherto, did not welcome the Word of God, the workings and demonstrations of the power of God by the Holy Spirit, unprecedented miracles and many more. We see God doing tremendous things in and through the lives of His children and He desires to do much more. Unfortunately, very few are tapping into this great and awesome move of God in these times, thus, rendering them impotent when faced with the lures of darkness. One of the reasons for such is that many children of God fail to understand that for every power and authority given there is a responsibility attached to it: A jurisdiction, an instruction and a principle of application for it to achieve the desired effect. We see this principle of God throughout Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation in the lives of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Esther, Jesus Christ our Lord, Paul and many other clouds of witnesses. Friend, we cannot want the power and auth

ST. VALENTINE’s Day Celebration: Begging The Question!

      A post once appeared on a Christian website which mirrors the mood of the moment amongst so many Christians: “Does it matter that an ancient festival used to worship pagan gods and promote fertility was adopted by the Church and used to worship the God of the Bible? Does God really care what customs are used to worship and honor Him or what holidays we celebrate?” So many argue that since the end result of these festivals is to worship God, then, the purpose has been achieved. Such forget that our God is a God of order. All He had done or ever permitted to be done had been according to divine order. In the Bible, we see how God Himself planned several feasts or celebrations for His own people either as memorials of what He had done or as a prophetic picture of what He will do. In all of these Scriptures, there was no where that we were mandated by Him to set aside a day or days in honor of a man no matter how diligent the person was, only God rewards such: “Now without faith it

Remove the Limiters!

Have you ever encountered a person that says the right things but never does them? I mean, they know exactly what to say at the most inopportune time but it never translates to action? Such a person, we will term ‘insincere’, ‘fake’ and so many uncomplimentary terms. But the truth is if we profess to be Christians, do we do the things we say and actually mean them? Imagine a powerful king all dressed up and seated on his throne of power with ample resources before him, yet he is unable to exercise his full authority! When one looks closely at him, he is chained and gagged on his throne! This is the state of so many children of God. However, the Psalmist says concerning humans: “what are mere mortals that you should think about them, human beings that You should care for them? Yet You made them only a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honor. You gave them charge of everything You made, putting all things under their authority…” Psalm 8:4-6. We have this power a