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Those Stones

When the Disciples of Christ asked Him to teach them to pray, as He gave them the model for prayer, part of the prayer was “…lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil” (Luke 11:4b). This statement must not be viewed without asking the help of the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to what it means in every situation we find ourselves in order to learn the lessons within. After the baptism of Christ the Bible records that He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. After the days of temptation were over, 40 days and nights in all, one would have thought the enemy would give Him a break. So many times we are led into wildernesses of terrible experiences and challenges as children of God and are tested sorely. For as many that held on in the face of those terrible and dark days never lost sight of God because they believed He was with them and able to see them through the difficult times. No jobs, no admissions, loss of a loved one, marriage and rela

The Prize

In today’s world, a person’s achievement in life is based on how successful he was or is in the sphere of the visible world: the methods of achieving this success is not queried as long as one is. To be successful is a beautiful thing; it is what everyone craves for and lives for. We all want to experience it in all spheres of our lives. It is the motivation and drive for all human beings to push themselves to excel at whatever they do. Success is measured by the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. As a result, success in all its glory comes with its own trappings and of course, pitfalls! Unfortunately, many destinies are buried today in the grave of success. So many would have still being alive, be vibrant for God and vibrant husbands, wives, sons, daughters and friends if not for ‘success’. Being drunk with the wine of success or the search of it and blinded to all that is Christ, have led many into a sucking vault of death: destroyed dreams, aborted destinies and the likes. Do

Commitment That Works

The commitment that was demonstrated by the four Hebrew boys during their captivity clearly show that it is possible for anyone who is willing to be totally and consistently committed to God no matter the circumstances around him (Daniel 1:1-21).  As eunuchs, strangers and slaves in a foreign land, they lacked the privileges that so profusely surround us in our days. Though they did not have the comfort and encouragement that comes from corporate worship, nor did they enjoy the fatherly oversight of a priest, Rabi or Pastor, or the advantage of technology, yet the fear of the Lord that was rooted and grounded in their hearts became the compass and the shepherd’s rod with which they navigated their lives in the midst of those trying times. Anytime we have the opportunity of studying the lives of these young men, you cannot but be deeply inspired by their faith, hope and purity. We must equally acknowledge that the encounters they had with God, the promotions they received despite fie