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Finishing Well 2

Except God’s will becomes yours you cannot receive revelations from Him that will help you in this journey of life. You may know and be able to quote a lot of Scriptures, do all the right things; except your will is subsumed in God’s they are just mere words and activities. When a person is outside the will of God such cannot do well neither can such finish well. So many teach and believe that their strength and intellect will determine how they live and will end. Unfortunately, we have seen over and over again that is not the case; everything concerning a man is not at his prerogative but God’s. No wonder when Job had an encounter with the Almighty God he repented in dust and ashes of the harsh words he had spoken concerning Him. If a person had not had encounter with God, he believes all he needs is in his hands and that is what will determine his end. You may do awesome and great things but your end is determined by your stand with God. No wonder the Psalmist said in Psalm 33:16-1

Finishing Well 1

When Mary Magdalene reported to Simon Peter and the disciple that Jesus Christ loved that she could not find the Lord’s Body that had been placed in the tomb, they both ran to the tomb to verify her words. The Bible recorded in John 20:1-8 that they both ran together but the other disciple whom Christ loved outran Peter and arrived at the tomb first without entering. I could imagine the excitement, disbelief, shock and so many emotions that could be flooding their minds at that moment. But something curious happened; the disciple whom Jesus loved got to the tomb but did not enter in until Peter entered the tomb chamber before he could. That was quite distressing. He had run so hard yet he could not enter until another from behind entered first to ascertain that there was no danger! Praise God he later entered! So many times we had pursued the Lord concerning several matters but just when we were about to go in deeper, so many develop cold feet and draw back. Friend, it is not how fas

When You Feel Betrayed by God - Ed Stetzer

 ‘ Just can’t seem to forgive God’   is a common phrase I've heard in ministry over the years. Whether experiencing personal grief or physical suffering, we all have a propensity to blame God for circumstances beyond our control—and as such find it hard to “forgive” Him. I've experienced it in my own life.  I will always remember the way my sister Betty died. She was barely an adult when she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. We, as a family, travailed the challenge of watching her as a 12-year-old suffer from a rare form of skin cancer. The chemotherapy, the disfiguring surgery and all the accompanying challenges were realities in our everyday lives.  She got better for nine years, but then she died, and I struggled with the question,   Why ? Both Mom and I had to confront the issue we   perceived   as God’s unfairness.  My mother avoided confrontation with God for seven years. Mom stayed away from church and from Christians. She could not understand (and still d

True Freedom

A disturbing trend is taking place in the Church and as children of God we must rise and turn the tide that has risen to overwhelm and silence the Church of the Living God! Praise God that the keys of the Kingdom has been given to the Church and no better time than these to use them. These are very critical times that we must arise and walk in the Truth that is Christ Jesus and fulfil the mandate of God upon our lives. Unfortunately, so many in the Body of Christ have set their minds wholly on what they can get on earth rather on what the Lord has in store for them in eternity. All they labour for is for the perishable things of the earth. Thus their messages are filled with ‘earth’. This is the times we must be alert and walk in spiritual discernment at all times in order to stand against strange teachings, designed by the kingdom of darkness to lead the Elect (if possible) into slavery. One such dangerous teaching is that anyone who is born again is immune to sin! They teach that a