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A Two Way Street

       Are you going through some difficult times, hard to bear, hard to explain, and you desire strongly, to give up? Please Don’t! The kingdom of hell has released so many depressive and oppressive spirits that make people believe they are unloved and worthless no matter their station in life. This means this onslaught is not limited to a particular class, gender, creed or race.   For many children of God, when faced with certain difficulties of life, we wonder if God is aware of the things we are going through. And if He is aware, why would He let us go through so much pain. Questions like these and many more plague our minds, and if we do not arrest such thoughts through God’s Word, they have the power to push us from our firm stand with the Lord. We may feel we are all alone and words are not enough to help. The truth is, the right words and the right heart are of great help to pull us through because it’s a two way street. Giving our lives to the Lord or the Lord taking hold of