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God’s Love is Undeniable!

       A young lady remarked the other day that God does not love the world because of the terrible things that were happening in several parts of the world. She concluded that humans were created to amuse God and are pawns in His heavenly chess game! I was taken aback at this false summation. When we go through Scriptures, we see the face of a loving Creator that left His glory and splendor in Heaven to come to a planet filled with all manner of vices to die for the humans in order for them to have better lives. This cannot be done except the Creator has love! No other god in history has ever done that or has the intention of doing that. Rather, they treat their adherents as pawns in the chess game ‘they’ play. The Almighty God loves us unconditionally and for that reason came and died in our place so we could have an abundant life here on earth and an everlasting life with Him for all eternity. There are no ‘hidden charges or hidden conditions’ to this offer, rather, it is open

Hunger For More Of God!

      A lot of inspirational books written by life coaches underline the fact that except one is hungry, success in life is unattainable. They argue that one has to continually want more and a person’s level of success is commensurate to his/her level of hunger. These great teachings have made most go single-mindedly into the market place to attain success and it is working too albeit to the peril of certain aspects of their lives. Friend, this same principle applies to us as children of God. If we desire to grow, know more of God and reign with Christ on the other side of eternity we must be hungry for more of Him. The reality is that if we do not hunger, we cannot be fed. For instance, you don’t give food to a child that is not hungry, such will waste it. One thing about the Almighty God is that He never wastes anything. Take a look at nature! Everything was created with a specific purpose, to fulfill a specific purpose, whether good or bad (Romans 9 and 2Timothy 2:20-21). However,

Treasure Alert!

Part of the Sermon on the Mount by the Lord Jesus Christ is: “Don’t collect for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But collect for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves don’t break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also ” (Matthew 6:19-21). From the Scripture, it is evident that the reason for the warning is that the treasure itself will influence the things we say and do because “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” . The Bible equally tells us to guard our hearts diligently because out of it will flow the issues of life; this then calls for caution! The question then is what treasures then can we collect and store in Heaven that will equally help us in our day to day living upon the face of the earth? The Bible tells us clearly that God, by His divine nature has given us everything we need to live lives that are wort

Learn To Know And Recognize His Voice For Yourself!

As we run the course of life, one thing that we must continually crave is the unadulterated spiritual milk of Christ (1Peter 2:2), so that we may continually grow as we offer spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God. As our spiritual man grows it becomes evidenced in our physical bodies. No wonder we battle with certain decisions because we are still infantile in our spiritual man. For instance, a growing spiritual man will not even consider going into marriage with an unbeliever no matter how much the circumstances weigh on such. The Bible tells us that we carry the Spirit of God in us as a deposit for the life to come (2Corinthians 1:22); it becomes ridiculous when such carrier is unable to recognize the spirit at work in another vessel. Friend, once your inside man is in agreement with God, the power of recognition is released to you. The way Jesus Christ recognized Nathanael and Elizabeth recognized and acknowledged the Baby in the womb of Mary before anyone knew about

Priests…Time To Enter In

As children of God called to be PRIESTS, we must come to the realization that nothing just happen to us if we are truly led by the Spirit of God; everything that we see and experience is preordained by the Lord (Romans 8:14). How we react to them is what will make us right or wrong in our standing with God. God is set to display His might on our behalf if our stand is right: “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to show Himself strong for those whose hearts are completely His” (2Chronicles 16:9a). However, such must arise from where they are sitting for this to happen. God did not create His priests to sit down idly by while the enemy runs amok throughout the land as we are currently witnessing all over the world. It is sad that priests now sit idly by while the enemy desecrates the things of God: “We are ashamed because we have heard insults. Humiliation covers our faces because foreigners have entered the holy places of the Lord’s temple” (Jeremiah 51:51). It is

Priesthood…The Acceptable Way

          It is great serving God in these times. Great because we see many facets of God and are amazed like the 24 Elders before God’s Throne (Revelation 4). As children of God, we’re not mere children but priests of the Most High God; created and saved to serve Him. When God brought Israel out of Egypt, He desired to make them into a kingdom of priests and a Holy nation (Exodus 19:6). This desire was reiterated in 1Peter 2:9-10 – to make us into a royal priesthood and a holy nation that will declare and demonstrate His glory and praises in a depraved and dying world. We become priests, not by inheritance or lineage as it was with the old law (John 3). Neither, were we chosen and made priests because we love Him more or we could pray or do one extraordinary thing, but we are told that by His blood He has set us free and made us into a Kingdom of Priests to God (Revelation 1:6). This invite is to everyone that believes, not for only pastors, teachers, evangelists, apostles, bishops