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Have You Met Authority And Are You In Submission Or Rebellion?

        Looking at the conversion of Saul to Paul the Apostle, it is quite instructive for us at this time. In these days, we see oppression from the government to the lay man on the street. Attitudes are developed that negates the possibility of living in union with neighbors that differ from us, either in race, creed or class. The Bible says concerning Saul: “Then Saul still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest…” (Acts 9:1). A ‘devout’ man breathing murderous threats against others because they do not share his beliefs, makes one wonder what manner of devotion he has and to which god. As far as Saul was concerned, he was serving the Almighty God and he was set to kill as many as oppose his god! He had received ‘authority’ from the high priest which gave him the license to be an accuser, judge and executioner all at once. Jesus Christ warned His disciples about this kind of people that will arise after Him: “These things I have spok

A Need To Arise As Parents

      It’s beautiful and a wonder to see little children worship God with a sincerity that is beautiful to behold. If we as humans are entranced by such a sight, one can only imagine the joy in the heart of the Creator of the whole universe. When a picture of the said child is posted on the social networks we are quick to appropriate such to ourselves by quickly saying a prayer or an ‘amen’! Unfortunately, such cannot be appropriated. If one could speak to the parents of those children, one would realize that what we admire in their little children and wish for ours was not realized as a result of wishing or praying alone. A lot of work was done. I absolutely appreciate these parents and I pray that the children will continually run with the fire in the Presence of God until the end in Jesus Christ name. As we wish and pray same for our children, our desire should not only be to raise children that absolutely love to worship God, but nurture them in a manner that the worship of Go

What Is God Saying?

       So many are trapped in jobs, relationships and situations they know the ship had sailed, but for the feelings they feel that they owe the person(s) they are with. The aggressors understand this and exploit the situation extensively. The victims are trapped and some have erroneously come to the conclusion that it is their lot to be where they are despite the fact that they draw no satisfaction or benefits from the situation. I remembered sometime ago, a dear sister approached me about a similar situation at her place of work. She felt she owed her boss; despite the injustice and frustrations she remained. This situation was slowly eating away at her physical and spiritual well-being on a daily basis. After she finished, the question that readily came to my mind for her was: ‘What is the Lord saying about the situation you are in?’ She was at a loss as she felt the Lord is aware and should understand whatever decision she chooses to take. As great as this thought may sound, i

True believers

       Someone once said, ‘to thine own self be true’. True statement! It is terrible and pathetic when a person lies and deceives himself especially when the truth is clear for all to see. If one claims to be a believer in Jesus Christ, it means such a person has accepted Jesus Christ as His personal Lord and Savior. That person is simply declaring that Christ directs and dictates the goings on in his life. If the foregoing is true in such life, it then presupposes that such a one will produce fruits consistent with this belief: “Therefore produce fruit consistent with repentance” (Luke 3:8a). This fruit bearing must be a continuous thing in such a life. If this is not the case, then something is grossly wrong.            Being a true believer in Christ carries within it truth, honesty and sincerity. One cannot live a life of falsehood and believe in half-truths of God’s word and claim to be a true believer.  A true believer that has the hope of reigning with Christ at the end, such