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What Are You Looking For?

       When Jesus was introduced to the world through baptism, John the Baptist went further to tell his followers: “This is the One I told you about: ‘After me comes a man who has surpassed me, because He existed before me’…When he saw Jesus passing by, he said, ‘Look! The Lamb of God’” (John 1:30, 36)! Immediately two of John’s followers heard this, they started following Jesus. This account is heart stirring. So many today have heard of the wonderful accounts of Jesus Christ and how He is able to deliver them from any and every problem they could have; for this reason so many are following Him. If you are a Bible Student, you would realize that following Jesus Christ is not what makes you a true ‘follower’. As humans, there are basic needs that tend to influence our decisions and way of thinking. This was not different then. When Jesus saw the two men following Him, one would have thought that He would be ecstatic! After all He now has two followers. But on the contrary, when He

If You Build It He Will Show Up

       I was listening to two young men argue loudly the other day at a public place. One of them declared that the God of the Bible is a foreign God and should not be worshiped by Africans. According to Him, Africans have surpassed the westerners in worshiping this God, yet their lands and conditions are still impoverished. The other argued that the lands and the conditions of the people are impoverished because they are not following the principles of the said God as they should. Sadly, this deceitful argument that the God of the Bible is not real is gaining ground and producing more unbelieving believers by the day. Those that believe such errors forget that God’s Word is not there to conform to them, but they were created to conform to God’s Word: “For we are His creation – created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).         So many have rewritten God’s word to suit their present beliefs, by arguing