Are You Truly Contending For The Faith?

In the past there arose false prophets among God’s people, just as there will continue to be false teachers who will secretly infiltrate in your midst to divide you, bringing with them their destructive heresies. They will even deny the Master, who paid the price for them, bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow immoral lifestyles. Because of these corrupt false teachers, the way of truth will be slandered. They are only out for themselves, ready to exploit you for their own gain through their cunning arguments... (2 Peter 2:1-3a, TPT).       We live in very strange times, if God had not warned us about them in the Scriptures, many of us would have felt what we had believed is a lie! Even now, many are beginning to think what they believe and held on to concerning God and His ways may not be so true after all. Many teachers of God's Word are even questioning the veracity of the Word. Some even went as far as challenging what they had read in the Scriptures.     

Are You On The Lord's Team? 2

        Have you signed on to the Lord's Team or you are on the enemy's team? Our call as sons of God is to showcase the glory of God to a dying world. We know this because the Bible tells us: "The whole universe that God has made now waits for something great to happen. Everything is waiting with hope to find out who God's children are" (Romans 8:19, EASY). This means the whole world is waiting for the true members of the Lord's Team to be revealed. Members that are loyal and committed to the goal of displaying the light of His glory in every sphere of life. Why is this so? The Bible tells us it is because: "Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth..." (Isaiah 60:2a, NLT).         Beloved, look around you! It looks like the whole world is on a maddening spiral down a crazy rabbit hole. Principles of life we hold dear as humans no longer mean anything. Life has become cheap and expendable at every cause and excuse. Governments

Are You On The Lord's Team?

       I am not an ardent football fan but I am always fascinated by the teamwork of the players. And I noticed that the team that exhibits great cohesion always carry the day. Watching one of those matches, the Lord began to teach me a valuable lesson about our place in His purpose for creation, our present time and His return. Please permit me to share the experience with you.         Many in the Body of Christ do not know what their place is in the Body, thus, they abuse the Grace of God upon their lives by wasting it on ventures that are of no eternal value. The Bible tells us: "But [the time is coming when] the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea" (Habakkuk 2:14, AMPC). Beloved, from the first chapter of Genesis, we see the desire of God to fill the earth with the knowledge of His glory. He told the man to multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. This command was not for man to perpetuate self-will on the earth bu

Be Sensitive To These Issues

      We are living in times when the Scriptures are truly unfolding in our times. The happenings throughout history have been mentioned in one form or the other in the Bible. We may choose to disbelieve this but it doesn't detract from the truth. One curious thing that is playing out now before our very eyes was what happened when Jesus healed the demoniac man in Mark 5. Jesus asked him his name. I believe he was asking for the man's given name. But he was so far gone from him being possessed by the enemy, that he gave the enemy's name instead. He said: "What is your name? He asked him. 'My name is Legion', he answered Him, 'because we are many" (Mark 5:9).           Some years ago, looking at the Scripture, we would feel how sorry the state of the man was. The question in many minds was, how can one person be many?! Of course, we know it is because of the many demons that resided in him. But it was incredulous. Curiously today, many that have deviat

Raising A Generation that knows God

      I was sitting in a hairdressing salon the other day and an argument ensued on why many Christian children, especially teenagers are immoral, do not respect their elders and do not want to hear about God. The discussion was quite interesting with everyone laying the blame on parents, teachers and even the religious teachers. This argument set me thinking as I have witnessed continually delinquent children growing up to become delinquent adults and parents themselves! God knows that training a child is much more than taking care of their physical needs.        The growth of a child into a successful human being that would give his/her parents rest is dependent on how much of God's Word is sown inside of them. The Bible tells us: "Remember with love all these rules that I give to you today. Teach them and explain them every day to your children. Talk about them when you sit at home. Talk about them when you walk along the road. Repeat them when you lie down. Repeat them whe

Know The Truth For Yourself

  "I’ve written these things about those who are attempting to lead you astray. But the wonderful anointing you have received from God is so much greater than their deception and now lives in you. There’s no need for anyone to keep teaching you. His anointing teaches you all that you need to know, for it will lead you into truth, not a counterfeit. So just as the anointing has taught you, remain in him" (1John 2:26-27, TPT).        Throughout the Scriptures, we see the devil use simple and factual logic to try to dissuade his targets from obeying the instructions of God. We saw him employ such tactic against the woman in the Garden of Eden, and even against our Lord Jesus Christ. The same tactic he still employs today. The arguments he proffers sound right and solid but they are not true and will lead the unsuspecting on a collision path with God, which is his end game.         In recent times, arguments, counter-arguments have arisen in the Body of Christ about some words,

Wake Up And Be Aware!

      In recent times, especially with the deadly virus that ravaged the world, all manner of ideas and doctrines have risen within the Body of Christ. A question arose during the lockdowns, can Church be done somewhere else apart from a particular structure? All manner of teachings arose, that with the rise of technology, one can do Church from and in anywhere. Even when many within the Body saw that within that question laid a trap by the enemy to make Believers contravene the injunction of the Lord that says: "And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near" (Hebrews 10:25, NLT).        With this idea arose ideas that seek to expand, undermine and rewrite certain aspects of the Bible to fit the deviant minds of the advocates. Many now believe the Word of God should only encourage and motivate Christians. After all, God is Love and only desires that we should live 'good