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        After been rebuked by his mother, a young child remembered that his Sunday School teacher had taught them the previous day that Jesus does not like naughty children. He then asked his mum if Jesus had stopped loving him since he was naughty often and what can he do to make Jesus love him again. The mother squeezed and pressed his little frame to her chest and said: ‘no honey, He loves you regardless’. The child looking confused asked his mum, ‘what is regardless?’ The mother in a loving and gentle voice explained that Jesus loves him no matter what he had done, but went on to explain that Jesus is not happy when we do naughty things. If he knows Jesus loves him, he should strive to do things that will bring pleasure to the heart of Jesus, she continued. You may be like this little child that believes that Jesus Christ may have left your corner after falling into that terrible sin and maybe you have been erroneously taught that once you plunge in deeper into His service and so

What Is Your Opinion?

        Two friends were having an argument in a café shop one day about the best way to serve God in our present world. Since the café was small, my table was close to theirs and their voices loud, other customers and I could not help but overhear their arguments. One argued that the way Christianity is right now is the best way to serve God. He argued that one does not need to follow completely some old dusty rules that were written over 2000years ago that bear little relevance today but to do what is right in one’s conscience so as to live good lives and at the same time not to upset the myriad of ‘faiths’ that have risen. This according to him will afford the Christian to serve God peacefully without persecutions. That to him is true worship! The other friend, on the other hand insists that those ‘old dusty rules’ are now written on the tablets of our hearts by the Holy Spirit to live lives that honor God and not to maintain some ‘balance’ between faiths. In other words, it is