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Upholding His Holiness

One of the most awesome qualities about God is His Holiness: it is His nature, the reason why He is the source of light and life. The Seraphim while gazing at Him in Isaiah 6, even with their faces covered with two wings were unable to shield themselves from the penetrating power of the brightness of His Holiness. They could not help but cry out to one another “Holy! Holy! Holy is the Lord God Almighty, the whole earth is full of His Glory” (Isaiah 6: 3b).   This also must be the response of our heart as true sons and daughters of the Most High when we truly worship Him in spirit and in truth. Beloved we live in a time that perversity, vulgarity, jesting, foolish talking and uncleanness is regarded as correct and acceptable in the sight of many, while Holiness on the other hand is despised. That which was once sacred and held in reverence has now become the topic for public jesting and mockery. The Lord warned us in 2 Timothy 3:4 (MSG) that in the last days many would become unho

Shut the Door!

           It’s always amazing when we ponder on the purpose of God for humanity as revealed in Genesis 1:28 (AMP); all of God’s vast resources were intended to be used for the service of God and man. The level of wisdom, power, authority that we were all meant to be born into, the insights, the wealth, the creativity we were meant to walk in are just mind blowing. Adam walked in this dimension for a short while until he fell. When he fell, the realm of death and decay became open and it dominated everyone and everything. The unseen spiritual death Adam and Eve experienced gradually became evident when Cane murdered his own flesh and blood even after receiving the grace of being warned by God beforehand of such an evil act. Beloved, since then humanity has been reaping the fruits of this fall. This callousness of heart, headstrong attitude and obvious lack of natural human affection is rapidly becoming an uncontrollable epidemic in our time. Little wonder then that the Lord after

The Power of Obedience

The concept of obedience can be quite difficult to grasp. A lot in diverse relationships wonder why they should obey, especially when they have no regard for the one giving the orders. However, when you look at the concept again as laid down by God, one could safely conclude that obedience from the perspective of God is to be borne from a heart of love. For instance, the story of creation in the Bible is very instructional as it reveals the power of obedience as the Lord would want it. The earth, firmaments, lights and all created beings came to be by the command of God. Nothing on earth could be compared to the beauty of the stars, the moon or the skies: In their magnificence they teach us one great lesson - obedience. I dare say there is beauty in an obedient life!   In Genesis 1:14 & 15, God commanded the lights in the sky to define the day, nights, and to foretell seasons, days and years. Since the beginning of time, they have not ceased in carrying out this instruction. Can

Known By Heaven

           It’s a sobering thought to think that those who are well known, well celebrated and well thought of in this world may not be that popular when and if they get to heaven. A case in point is the story of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31. Beloved, God is no respecter of persons but people are. How do we know this? From the Scriptures, it is evident that God the Father gave mankind all He had, that is His son. The Son gave mankind all He had, that is His life and the Holy Spirit is giving all He has to as many as will believe and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord: His presence. We, as created beings, have no excuse therefore not to give our all to Him that has called us and giving us all. Just before Paul’s departure from this world, he made a profound statement that still reverberates to this day and it is a source of comfort to as many that have walked and are walking in unity with God: “Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the

Business As Usual…? Part 2

I can imagine what would have crossed the minds of the people that lived in the days of Noah when he went about preaching that they should turn from their evil ways. Some of them would have looked at their achievements and the advancement the world was making in technology and comfortable living. They would have been curious as to what ‘madness’ would have possessed Noah to be saying a flood was coming. ‘The skies were blue, the land was green, prosperity everywhere, why would God that had blessed the land and the skies would want to destroy the inhabitants. After all, these things He created for the enjoyment of people!’ Friend, same message is what God is giving us His sons at this time to preach; of course people are equally thinking the way the people then thought. Some may argue that the Church is advancing so much that membership in some congregations is numbered in millions and some tens of thousands. In fact, the message of Christ is being preached in far flung areas that

Business As Usual...?

          Recent happenings around the world have brought about a lot of adjustments in the lifestyle of many. People have relocated their homes, businesses and even places of worship to safer locations for the protection of their lives and property. Security is now said to be a collective responsibility, not just for the police, but for all. Many go about their daily activities with a sense of caution. Because they fear anything can happen at any time, they strive to be at the right place at the right time, and all these rightly so. But when it comes to applying such level of caution to their spiritual lives, many seem to be laid back and indifferent. We seem to forget that man is a spirit, who possesses a soul and lives in a body, thus, when life ends here on earth it begins somewhere else (John 5:29 and Hebrews 9:7). In scriptures we see Jesus speak about His return in a manner that should bring caution and adjustments to our daily lives too. He said “ as it was in the days of No