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What Is Your Mission; Do You Even Know It?

       As sons of God, we are called on periodically by the Lord to carry out specific missions for Him! It may be as little as giving, praying, helping, teaching, counseling, it is a mission nonetheless, for the furtherance of the Kingdom! Sadly, some of us get so preoccupied with what our purpose on earth is that we miss carrying out a present and pressing mission for the Kingdom! There are so many books, seminars, teachings and lectures on how to find one’s purpose. The idea is that if one can get and understand what his purpose is, life will begin to make sense to such. Thus, many that are yet to get what their purpose is are dissatisfied and depressed with life. The quest for finding out what one’s purpose is has led many down paths of hurts, despair and disappointment. However, that is not our discussion for today. As a child of God, do you know what your particular mission is at this time? I use the word ‘particular’ because we have a general mission for every child of God, wh