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Don’t Despair, Help Is On The Way!

       We now live in days of great distress and anguish across the land. We hear of and see killings, maiming, suicides, kidnappings and many more deadly crimes being committed daily. The economy is nothing to write home about. Many do not see hope! Sadly, many sons of the Kingdom, in order to make ends meet, dabble into business schemes they shouldn’t. Many are in the process of losing their homes, means of livelihood, relationships and many more. Beloved, you may have done everything you can but it’s as if everything is slipping away from you. There are so many messages about why people should work hard in order to make it. You have worked, you are still working hard. But the results on ground tell a different story. Beloved if you are in this situation, don’t despair because help is on the way. What is happening to you, the pressures of life, is not strange. It is a gimmick of hell to pressurize as many to turn from the path of righteousness to the path of wickedness.        Pa

Push, Because Giving Up Is Not An Option

       I had a hilarious conversation with a sister some time ago about Prophets and prophecies. While discussing issues about our Nation, she announced out of the blue that she would be avoiding prophetic meetings henceforth. As this was not the subject of our discussion, I was intrigued and asked why. She retorted, 'the Lord never sends them to give a direct word to me'. ‘What do you mean?’ I replied. ‘Well’ she replied, ‘the preaching is a direct word to everyone seated, but that word of knowledge that is said to others has never been said to me’! The most vexing part for her is sometimes she invites people to the meetings. They get direct ‘thus says the Lord’, but for her, nothing! Her conclusion from this is that God has simply forgotten her or her case is irredeemable! Oh wow! This threw me and I dived back into the Scriptures to ‘see’ what the Lord was saying concerning this issue.          Let’s consider two very distinct characters in the Bible that had two very co