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Life…A String Of Moments

      The idea of living for Christ is meant to be a reality in our lives: A moment to moment living that brings pleasure and honor to God. If we have truly surrendered our lives to Him, we cannot afford to live as we please as this will only yield sorrow and pain down the line; but each moment should be lived in such a manner that it brings Him pleasure. This line of thought negates the teachings of living for ourselves: Perfecting strategies to help us live and ‘acquire’ the world and the things in it! This teaching opens the door to the glorification of self and carnality above the worship of the True God in selflessness and sacrifice. We are meant to overcome the world and the things in the world not to be overcome by it. However, this will not happen by a single act but on a moment to moment basis. The Bible tells us to walk as wise people who continually understand what the will of God is (Ephesians 5:15-16). Thus, the life of God we live is not meant to be lived for our pleasu

Discernment And Feelings

       If there was ever a time we needed the power of discernment, it is this time; because we live in a time where we must develop the art of distinguishing between seemingly ‘good’ which is evil and that which is truly good. The quest for knowledge and the understanding of the existence of man has given rise to an unprecedented interest in the way we feel and how these ‘feelings’ should point us in the ‘right’ direction. As a result decisions are taken based on what seems right to the eyes. In most traditions over time, decisions were based on natural laws and the common good. Now, however, with the advancement in technology, decisions are based on the feelings of those taking them. Unfortunately, this tactic had slowly seeped into the Church, given rise to messages that massage the feelings of men rather than bring them to maturity in God. The end result of this is that the lenses of discernment are colored by their feelings. One may argue that feelings are good as they help us t

Confront To Change Or Conquer

The beauty about God is that every principle He reveals to us is exemplified in His word. From Scriptures, we glean that as children of God, we must confront issues if we desire to change or conquer them. This was exemplified by the daughters of Zelophehad, when they sensed they would be disinherited because their father did not have a son (Numbers 27:1-11 and Numbers 36). They realized that with the law of God that only a son inherits, they knew if they did not confront Moses and the Leaders they were going to be thrown out of their father’s property. The five sisters arose and challenged the law. God listened to them and the law was changed to accommodate daughters as well. This principle we see play out through scriptures: We see God use His prophets, kings, soldiers and many others to confront unsatisfactory issues in order to change or conquer them. Even if a change did not occur immediately, God still called out the act. We saw this with Herod marrying his brother’s wife and

Glory…A Reality!

‘Glory, glory’!!! That word has almost become an exclamation mark and a slogan in our midst as children of God. It is good as it reminds us of the glory of God. Have you noticed that we pray continually for the glory of God to come down into our lives and our midst? This we need as it will differentiate us from the rest of the world! However, are we ready to have the Eternal Creator’s glory in our lives or in our midst? We presently live and operate in a world that desires to do things outside of God or His principles. No wonder certain principles being taught by sons of God as the best way to live, do business or marry sound so good and right to the ears and logical minds, unfortunately, they have no biblical basis. The fact that an opinion sound logical does not mean it is godly. You can bet on the fact that its benefits will not last.   Several equally believe that a person’s life can be compacted in such a manner that certain areas are ‘controlled’ by the word of God, whil

Love…The Centre Of Our Call

Most things upon the earth carry an expiry date. No matter how much we care for them, when the date of expiry comes, they lose their potency. Likewise, our lives carry an expiry date. There was a day we were sent to earth and there is a day we must leave it. It doesn’t matter whether you believe this or not, religious or not, it doesn’t really matter. There is an expiry date for each life and no amount of preservation will prolong it. King Hezekiah in 2Kings chapter 20, was terminally ill and he knew he was about to “expire”. He cried to the Lord to elongate his years, God did by adding 15years more to his life. Unfortunately for him, he did not use it well. Maybe he should have asked for wisdom to help him make a difference that will bring glory to God and honor to Judah. It was in this borrowed time that he sold Judah out. When we pray, we ask God to give us long-life, in fact, we insist on it. When praying for the elderly amongst us, we pray same. It is not a problem for God to