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I Am Your Reward

       Sometimes I wonder what our responses will be if God tells us individually, ‘I will not give you houses, lands, and all other possessions, rather I will be your possession!’ How would we react, would we still serve and follow Him? Would there be a ‘yet’ in our response to Him if we do not get what He had promised (Habakkuk 3:17-18)? If all fail and the way forward is bleak, would we still follow?         A young man that was reeling from a devastating loss of all he had was reminded that God is his inheritance and portion; he replied ‘I know, but…!’ The truth is, as sons of the Most High God, He is our REWARD! When we understand this, we can begin to appropriate for ourselves that which has been freely given to us before the foundations of the earth! Sadly, our idea of God being our possession and inheritance is when we can physically see, gauge and hold the ‘possession’ and ‘inheritance’ then it is real! To many children of God, God is good to them based on their earthly posses