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Ego…A Banana Peel

        If you observe carefully as a child of God, you will notice that the world’s principles on self worth, self actualization and self realization and the likes are principles designed to the detach our person from the Person of Christ. The world encourages us to pump up our egos (veiled or unveiled) so as to be who we are meant to be irrespective of the situation and circumstances we find ourselves. These principles have succeeded not in making the human better, but egocentric, unmindful of how their personal desires affect those around them. The amusing part is, many play along with this harmful foolery, offering support to the man or woman that is clearly drowning because of the choices he or she had made that has negated the very reason for their existence. Whilst this may be helpful for awhile, on the long run, it will prove the person to be empty, selfish and far from achieving the goal of knowing who he or she was created to be and achieve. The resultant effect of this

Relinquish Your Right To Hurry Him

     Sometimes God shows you what He has in store for you in the very near future and when it seems not to come to pass at the time expected, there is the tendency to despair. Whilst it is true that we must be expectant and thanking Him in advance for the provision, we on our part must relinquish our right to hurry Him or help Him to plan our destinies. If you remember, the children of Israel were meant to be in Egypt’s captivity for 400years but when the years were up, God did not bring them out! For those that were counting the years amongst them may have despaired and thought God had forgotten about them. But that was not the case. God added thirty more years to the initial years because the set man was not ready. In another instance, one would have expected the Israelites because of the population and possessions, to cross the Red sea in more than a day but they crossed the sea in one night! God by His mighty hand and power did the impossible as if it were nothing. Friend, tha

Lock In Your Heels

         Sharing with a couple of ministers of the gospel made me understand the urgency in our praying for and encouraging those that have been put over us as leaders. One conviction that rang clear for us is that anyone, whether in position of authority or not in the Body that desires to stand for Christ at this time, must roll up his or her sleeves, dig their heels in deep into the Rock (which is Christ) in order not to be toppled from their firm stability. Another conviction that came to us as well is that as sons of the soon coming KING, this is our moment to usher in one of the greatest revivals of all time as we eagerly await the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is foolhardy to think we have ample time and opportunities in carrying out the duties assigned to us. This thought will close and dull our minds and make us work lackadaisically, which in itself is a sin before God. It is a terrible state of delusion which will result in callousness and carelessness as we are wit


       Have you noticed that there is a gradual shift of definitions, such that things that had negative connotations are defined positively? Thus, the hearts of many are questioning things that are seen as good and things that are seen as bad. However, holding on to what is good may elicit comments from one’s opponent as being intolerant and an extremist. This should not strike us as strange, the Bible told us that in the last days (which we are in now), such will be possible. People will no longer love what is good (2 Timothy 3:3b) but as is seen now, actively pursue and propagate that which is clearly ‘not good’, re-package it and present it as good. One in particular that we must be mindful of is idolatry. We know as children of God, that our God is jealous and will not share His glory with another. For that reason He abhors idolatry! Unfortunately, idolatry has become the order of the day in the Body and except one is discerning, it is a sin one can easily fall into now. You

He Knows And Will Surely Come Through For You

I listened to a young woman’s testimony some years back and a particular statement she kept making struck me. It was not so much as the statement itself but the manner in which she said it. The statement and all it entails remained with me ever since and had helped me to look at a lot of happenings in my life in better perspective. She kept puncturing her narrative with the statement: ‘the devil was trying to kill me’. Now, if you don’t believe in God you may feel she is melodramatic or looking for excuses for her terrible lifestyle. Friend, whether you believe in God or not, the reality is that the ‘the devil is truly trying to kill you’! Just look around you; the kings and rulers of the world are enacting laws and policies that negate the fundamental existence of man and it seems there’s no stopping of this raging madness. This maddening tendencies is sweeping unrestrained across the lands; thus, putting our way of life and future in jeopardy. Anyway, this is not new; the enemy