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Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Him

       Looking at the prevailing moral conditions in our present world, I sometimes wonder how Apostle Paul, Joseph, Daniel, Noah and Job would have lived if they found themselves here. Would they have kept the faith by standing their ground in the knowledge of God? Would they have lost sight of Him that called them?        These are times that are getting more and more difficult to stand for the truth without any coloration. If one is not discerning or a true follower of Christ, one would be easily swayed by the erroneous teachings coming out of some pulpits today. These teachings tell you how to live a good life on earth presently without balancing it with messages to prepare you for the eternity to come! There is an eternity of either of two destinations that will follow: Heaven or Hell. It is here on earth, while living, one will make the decision of which of the destinations to go to after death. There are no in-betweens! Unfortunately, most messages these days don’t sound the