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…But God Has a Plan!

     The Bible tells us in Daniel 1:1-2 that in the third year of King Joakim of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar sacked Jerusalem and took many captives including the reigning king. This was arranged by the Lord because of their sin and He handed the people of Judah and their king to the heathen king of Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar. But God had a plan! Amongst those that went on exile were four young nobles that loved the Lord. One would have wondered or argued that since these were living in Jerusalem, the Lord should have had mercy upon the land and spear the country. After all He said in Genesis 18 concerning Sodom that if He found ten righteous people there He will not destroy it. Our minds could reason that there could have been six additional righteous men in Judah and the Lord should have speared it. But that was not the case here because God had a plan in mind. He was entering another phase with the world in His plan to redeem mankind to Himself. He needed to showcase His name, powe

How Do You Look?

Have you heard the phrase: ‘a marketable product is about packaging’? This information simply tells us that if we intend to get ahead in a market with similar products, we must pay particular attention to the way the product we want to market is packaged. As a result, some products do better than others not because they are better but because of their packaging. This principle unfortunately has crept into the Church. ‘It’s all about packaging!’ These are phrases that are bandied around in the Church. But is this scriptural? Yes, it works in the world set-up because the workings of the world are sensual based on the appeal to the senses; not so in the church as we are to walk by faith and not by sight. Unfortunately, one significant thing about the times we live in is the preoccupation of people with appearances. People are very concerned about the way they look, how they present themselves to the world and how they are received by the world. In these times very few grow inner fort