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…And This Shall Pass!

As children of God, we are faced with myriads of problems that so many begin to second guess their faith in God. One begins to wonder if indeed God cares; if He does why do one experience one problem after another. Let us consider a particular scenario. Sitting under a light bulb in the cool breeze of an evening in the savannah just before the rains begin in earnest, you would notice myriads of insects attracted by the light flocking round the bulb. Some of the insects get too close to the heat emanating from the bulb and die, others lose their wings and some just continue to flock round the light bulb for awhile. Later as the evening wears on into the night, the insects that were once attracted to the light are either dead, incapacitated or they had flown away. This calls to mind the scripture that says “You are the light of the world. A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lamp-stand, and it gives light for al

Reposition Your Mind

When Queen Vashti was deposed because of her pride and succeeded by Queen Esther little did anyone at that time, including the king know that this repositioning was for the sake of a coming warfare. We are equally in a time of great warfare, both physically and spiritually and there is a repositioning taking place spiritually. Just as it was in the time of Esther, the eternal destinies of many are presently being determined. Being a participant in this warfare is really not an option because the devil knows that his time is short (Revelation 12:12). This is the time true disciples will be tested and tried: Those that overcome are the ones, despite all that is thrown at them to entice them from the path or persecute them for their faith remained standing in their faith and hope in the soon coming King – Jesus Christ. These true disciples have chosen the side of the Lord, taken up weapons and stood their ground in the midst of the ongoing battle for their minds.   Friend, are you o

Humbly Walking Before God

Students of history will tell you that great empires and civilizations fell when the leaders succumbed to arrogance and abrogated their successes to their geniuses. In our times, scholars will tell you that one of the reasons most organizations fall today is because the leaders grew arrogant refused to learn and they lost touch with their humble beginnings. Same goes for human beings. When a person forgets that all he has and the position he’s in are not the cumulative result of his power and intellect, such is not far from a fall. It is even more tragic when the children of God become arrogant in their walk with the Lord. ‘How?’ You may ask. W hen we presume that because we know the Lord, all our decisions must be right before Him! Because of this spiritual blindness, they go into associations, relationships and alliances with people they ought not to, to their destruction. This attitude is not strange neither is it new. The children of Israel diversely fell into this error on numero

Brain Power is Failing

Certain happenings in our time and around the world define rational explanation; so many have questioned the existence of God and some are wondering if God has indeed abandoned His creation. We may accuse God of a lot of things but the truth is our God is compassionate and beyond reproof. Because of the happenings around us, we are being counseled to use our brains to figure out what our next move would be after all, they rationalize, wisdom is profitable to direct. When such remarks are made, I wonder what our responses would have been if we lived in the days of Daniel, Moses, Job, David, Joseph and the Apostles. The happenings at those times defied logic and these men had brains, but at no time did we see them apply their brain matter to the issues that were confronting them; rather they turned to God for direction. Surprisingly, they were successful for it! For those of us advocating the use of our brain power in dire and difficult times, if I may ask: What good would the brain