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We are sometimes buffeted by certain winds of life that make us stressed, worried and fearful. These winds no matter how long they last blow away the confidence of so many. Many later realize that fear and worry has become second nature to them and they transport these same feelings into all that they do. A little voice constantly gives them a reason to be fearful and worrisome about their circumstances. This voice is no respecter of persons! The end result is that a lot become timid, unsure of themselves and their faith. They constantly seek validation and approval of their friends, families, bosses, spouses and colleagues in order to feel relevant. Friend, this is not of God. They mask the timidity with shyness. There is a need to shut out that voice once and for all so you can be who you have been created to be. As a child of God, one thing you must be confident about is that God is at work in you to will and to do of His great pleasure (Philippians 2:13). From the day you said

An Answer of Peace

  It is such an amazing discovery to see that the vessel that God used to bring peace to the troubled heart of Pharaoh was a man who was passing through severely troubling times himself. Joseph though was in prison yielded to the quiet training of God and was considered fit and qualified to stand before the King. This is the call for every true son and daughter of God in the midst of these troubling times when nations, corporate organizations, governments, communities, families and individuals are seeking for answers of peace. Friend, can you see that God is teaching you something even in the midst of what you are going through? One vital lesson Joseph learned from his dire circumstances was humility. He learnt to give glory to God for what was done in his life, acknowledging that it was not of him but of God. Too many of God’s children take credit for things God reveals to them as if it were revealed to them by themselves. Before Joseph interpreted the dream for the baker and the