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Strength For The Journey

       “This life is a journey”! To some, the statement has become a cliché and many now see it as the language of the spiritually minded that is deluded. Whether we believe it or not, the reality is it is true. In fact from the time we gained entrance into this world, we began a journey that will and must culminate in eternity – either in peace or torment! We may build all the empires here and look for technologies not to leave this plain; the fact that you entered this plain without your knowledge or input, so you would leave this plain without your knowledge or input. But we must understand that as we go through the journey certain changes are made to our lives (physically and spiritually) based on the food we eat and our experiences. However, the physical food does not profit us for eternity, as the body it nourishes does not pass into eternity. What passes through is our soul, which is fed spiritually. The feeding is what prepares the soul for eternity! This then calls for us to

Jesus Christ Is The Only Way

      A minister was ministering to the congregation the other day and he made some dangerous pronouncements. According to him, majority of the people of the world serve the Creator of the Heavens and the earth; what differentiates each group from the other is the WAY to God. He then concluded that it doesn't matter the way one tries to reach God as long as such arrives at His Feet.   It was almost impossible for me to believe that a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ would teach such blatant heresy and the congregation will cheer him on. Then I remembered that the Bible warned the ministers: “not to teach other doctrine or to pay attention to myths and endless genealogies. These promote empty speculations rather than God’s plan, which operates by faith” (1Timothy 4:3b-4). These ministers and many like them are teaching a strange gospel to the people that cannot help the people attain the primary goal God has set for them which is an eternity with Him free of sorrow, pain an